Until More People Have the Switch, the 3DS Isn't Going Anywhere

After a recent Investor Q&A with the President of Nintendo, it seems the 3DS still has some life in it and because of that, the support of the system will continue.

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PhoenixUp136d ago

Nintendo should still drop the price of 3DS at some point

Zeldafan64136d ago

Yeah the New 3ds xl should drop to $160 and the New 2ds xl down to $130.

MADGameR135d ago

As long as baby games loving Nintendo fanboys keep buying the 3DS XLs, 2DS XLs,etc, there will not be any price drops until the sales numbers are super low consistently. So you wanna solve that problem? STOP BUYING EM!

mikeslemonade135d ago

Nintendo needs to drop the 3DS. 8 year old system is embarrassing.

Enigma_2099135d ago

THIS much I agree with. But this system isn't retiring until it stops selling.


they got to announce the next Nintendo handheld soon i say this or next year

DillyDilly136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

They did its called the Switch. Instead of an entirely new handheld perhaps a Switch add on for physical games & a strong digital presence. The point is the buck stops with the Switch until the Switch 2

DwightSchrute01135d ago

Lol the switch isn't a dedicated handheld.


no the switch is a home console first i am sure Nintendo said that
and i didant know the switch can fit your pocket and do street pass

CRASHBASHUK135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

yep i was right i can see 2 resluts on page 1 on google that support what i said cant people do there homework before replying/disliking?

Nintendo: Switch is a home gaming system ‘first and foremost’

Nintendo says Switch is a home console 'first and foremost,' not necessarily successor to 3DS

TheUndertaker85135d ago

Because everyone historically has wanted to spend $300 for a device being labeled a handheld in the console space /s

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ChickeyCantor136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

That's like over complicating your brand. Nintendo should focus on merging all divisions into switches future, or at least the next switch successor.

No 2 devices to play Nintendo games / third party games.


i see what you mean but why would they give up in being the number one for handheld consoles?

Vegamyster135d ago


If their next console is the Switch 2 or something similar, they wouldn't be abandoning the handheld market. Japan loves their handhelds which is why the Switch is doing fantastic there, Nintendo may call it a home console first but it fills both markets nicely. Making a platform that appeals to both markets without splitting up support is a better option due to their iffy 3rd party support for bigger games, they can have a solid schedule of exclusive games with the odd 3rd party game instead of large gaps in support like the Wii-U.

bluefox755136d ago

I have a 3DS, and happy with that at the moment. Switch doesn't really have anything that interests me currently.


I have both. The 3ds is still more convenient and has smash bros. Once the switch has that I'll take it around more.

NewUser101136d ago

What is this article going on about? Talk about non-news. Of course the 3DS isn't going's cheaper, more portable, better battery, selling more and there's a ton more in peoples hands...the Switch was never going to take over the 3DS anyways, we already knew this.

So, what's the point of this article, Twinfinite?

ChickeyCantor136d ago

>the Switch was never going to take over the 3DS anyways, we already knew this.

Not yet at least. I think Nintendo is waiting until Switch is near the same numbers 3ds is now. I don't see a follow up to 3DS after that. Because at this point they have 2 mobile devices, a new "3ds" might just conflict with what the switch is trying to sell as well.

NewUser101136d ago

Do you know how large the Switch is compared to the 3DS? How bad the battery is in comparison? How much more durable the 3DS is? Yeah, this is NOT going to happen, ever. Never. The Switch, portable aside, is NOT a replacement for the never was, it never will be.

ChickeyCantor136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

> Yeah, this is NOT going to happen, ever. Never.

Because having your market fragmented and confused at a new 3ds handheld basically providing the same thing as the switch is good for business. /s

If you think a new handheld is going to be made as the successor to the 3DS you're mistaken. It adds nothing to Nintendo. 3DS is still rocking because the market share is huge. Once Switch reaches same numbers there is literally no reason to not merge divisions from 3DS to Switch.

You're under the pretense that 3DS will live forever. It won't. Switch is a portable device and the future forward for Nintendo. 3DS will eventually stop getting support and Nintendo will focus on one device.

As for battery and size, I don't hear anyone bitch about that and being turned off to not use the switch. I see people playing their switch when they commute to work every time.

Zeldafan64135d ago

The 3ds will be dropped before the Switch catches up to it. 2019 is the last year Nintendo will be supporting it though some 3rd parties may continue supporting it.

NewUser101135d ago

"Because having your market fragmented and confused at a new 3ds handheld basically providing the same thing as the switch is good for business"

What a stupid thing to say. Stupid stupid stupid! Gameboy, Gameboy Pocket, Gameboy Light Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy SP, Gameboy Micro, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo 2DS, New Nintendo 3DS & XL, New Nintendo 2DS XL...all Nintendo does is fragment and confuse LOL!

No, having something called SWITCH and 3DS is NOT GOING TO CONFUSE ANYONE! Except maybe you. Jesus Christ...

Cobra951135d ago

The Switch could evolve to address those negatives you mentioned. It could get a better-integrated chip layout and smaller fab process, for example, which would drastically up efficiency and battery life, while lowering cost. My deal breaker with Switch right now is that you can't back up your saves at all, not even to "the cloud". Your save files never leave your unit, which means if your unit dies or gets stolen, you lose all of your save progress in all of your games. This is completely unacceptable to me, and must be fixed before I ever buy in. But other than that, I think the Switch and descendants are the portable future for Nintendo, deservedly so.

SuperSonic91135d ago

I actually like the clam shell design of the DS than the Switch. Because you can angle the screen without bending your neck too much and the screen is more protected.

NewUser101135d ago

How do I have no agrees but yet comments that disagree with me have more disagrees? That makes no sense. The users on this site are a bunch of waterheads.

ChickeyCantor135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

>What a stupid thing to say. Stupid stupid stupid!

Are you a toddler?

>No, having something called SWITCH and 3DS is NOT GOING TO CONFUSE ANYONE! Except maybe you. Jesus Christ...

Are you dense?

The difference between Gameboys up until 3DS is that Nintendo did not have their "home console" as a portable device. The confusion is not in brand recognition, it's in potentially selling future devices with the same functionality. You're suggesting that Nintendo creates a successor to the 3DS while also having the switch which essentially provides the same functionality. This will fragment their market. Why would Nintendo do this? Business wise that's unsound.


Yes because one was clearly meant to be portable and the other put in place at home. Which isn't the case anymore.

Nintendo now has the upper hand in calling switch "technically" the successor to both the WiiU AND 3DS.

Seriously, what escapes you? You're cocky and arrogant but seem to miss something simple.

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