Fortnite's Huge Success Has Impacted Call Of Duty Publisher

Fortnite is one of the biggest, most popular games on Earth right now--it's so big that it's even impacting the established juggernaut Activision.
"We have seen some near-term impact from Battle Royale," Activision Blizzard management said during a Q&A this afternoon.

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PhoenixUp50d ago

I hope this doesn’t mean Call of Duty & Destiny will adapt their own Battle Royale

BLAKHOODe50d ago

Battle Royale has become too big for them not to try and adopt it in some way. The genre is here to stay.

Mystogan49d ago

I see it more like a game mode, like Horde Mode or capture the flag. I have no problem with anyone doing battle royale.

ninsigma50d ago

Why not?? As long as they offer the modes fans are accustomed to as well as some new BR modes, I don't see why that would be a problem. It's more content.

joab77750d ago

Of course it does. It has NO single player in a year in which BF is doing BC, their best single player to date. Very risky.

supersonicjerry50d ago

well call of duty online already has a BR mode and rumors have it that's half of what black ops 4 will be. One half classic cod multiplayer other half BR mode. So don't be surprised with cod BR and who knows could turn out well and fun .

FinalFantasyFanatic49d ago

Isn't battlefield incorporating a Battle Royale mode? Call of Duty and Destiny would be obvious candidates, Destiny more so out of desperation and Call of Duty just because popularity.

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SierraGuy49d ago

The only way I'll jump into BR is if COD implements it.

Mystogan49d ago

For me it's Halo or Battlefield.

EyeAmTJ48d ago

BR been around, it's called Big Team Battle in Halo LOL

49d ago