God of War is a stunning reimagining of the action franchise | InvenGlobal

Gabe Gurwin of InvenGlobal writes: God of War feels remarkably different from its predecessors, but it doesn’t shun the past simply for the sake of change. Instead, the new ideas are seamlessly woven in with elements of past games, and it’s a formula that paid off in a big way.

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UCForce223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

You got that right. And also, Yongyea always make a point. Here :

This will teach EA and MS for keep saying Single Player is “dying” and it’s so “complicated”. That’s called ignorance and lazy.

meka2611222d ago

I think what they meant was not as profitable lol. I actually like single player more than multiplayer, but always feel like I wasted money on a single story game because once I beat it I'm usually done. Gamefly is great for it.

GamingAngelGabriel222d ago

Here's the thing: long single-player games are expensive. In EA's case, they have to make money on the games they sell in some way. With Sony (and MS, who do need to get their act together) they have the added advantage of selling games as incentive to purchase a system.

God of War may very well not actually make any cash for Sony -- it probably will, but even if it doesn't, it's another reason to get a PS4.