Beyond Good and Evil 2 Developers Show-Off New Ships and Staff Combat Gameplay

Beyond Good and Evil 2 Looks promising in new work-in-progress gameplay footage showing ships, animations, combat, and more.

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-Foxtrot222d ago

I was really hoping this would get a name change but I don't think it will ever happen. All we wanted was a simple sequel to a wonderful game featuring Jade and co while following on from the loose ends at the end of the game. Who the hell thought "You know what, lets not do that or a sequel, we'll make a prequel but we'll make it look and play completely different from the first game".

It's starting to come off the guy was only allowed to get the green light for this IF he changed it enough which pleased higher ups. That trailer we got years ago with Jade gave me more excitement then this

rdgneoz3222d ago

Yah. The original trailer looked nice. This right now is turning into a game that's using the universe, but making action arcady game that you can play co-op with like 4 or so other friends, which is not what the first game was at all.

-Foxtrot222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

Ubisoft all over...turn every game into some same old structured open world game at it's core with online elements. Even non open world games have to have some online somewhere whether it's the main focus or not regardless of the games genre.

Beyond Good and Evil 2
The Crew
Far Cry 5
For Honor
The Division
Rainbow Six Siege

They could have just taken Rainbow Six Siege as it's competitive online shooter game and The Division for it's massive open world third person shooter game then build on those two games. Make them both the two main multiplayer games they will support until one dies off over time AND THEN do a new online game. Yet at the minute it's just one after the other.

mikeslemonade222d ago

lol at this SJW trash. Black main character and woman... yea okay.

And the game looks bad and dissapointing.

Sciurus_vulgaris222d ago

It seems Ubisoft has decided to make an ambitious games that greatly expands on the original Beyond Good and Evil’s design. However, I fear Beyond Good and Evil 2 is not really the sequel fans wanted. Fams wanted a continuation of Jade’s story, yet the newest game is prequel.... Ubisoft seems to obsessed with making large open world games.

Aside: Could the woman in the trailer be Jade’s mother ?

Godmars290222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

The original wasn't a AAA production. Nevermind that the term didn't exist then.

brettbatley222d ago

I expect a longer gameplay showing at E3

NewUser101222d ago

They should call this "Beyond the first Good and Evil" because I don't recognize shit that this has to do with the first game.

Still looks good as a game but as a prequel? Come on...

MarineLineman222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

I might’ve been slightly interested if that guy at E3 didn’t go straight SJW right after the trailer. Like, I get it. Most of us could’ve probably figured out that a game featuring anthropomorphic pigs and monkeys, and a black woman, has a diverse cast of characters. Blatantly shoving that fact in our faces just comes as some self-righteous high road-ing douchebagery. Hardly different from Huff Post’s dumb ass “Black Panther cast is hella diverse because it’s 90% black!” article. Maybe people wouldn’t hate SJW’s so much if they didn’t have an unspoken moral superiority complex.

All that, and of course... Ubisoft. That killed any other potential interest.

222d ago
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