Has the Next Generation Already Begun?

Why Xbox One X is the last true Microsoft home console and PlayStation 5 is coming sooner than you think.

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SuperSaiyanGod41196d ago

U can technically call the xbox1x a next gen console as well just by the specs. Even if Sony does drop a ps5 next year or 2020 i don't expect Microsoft to drop an even better version of the xbox1x until sales for xbox1x start slowing really bad.

fonger08197d ago

The Switch is “technically” next gen, but given how mid-gen upgrades have sort of muddled what we traditionally would expect a next gen console to be... it will very interesting to see what Microsoft and Sony do next.

wonderfulmonkeyman196d ago

I'm still not sure what Microsoft considers the X1X to be, honestly.
Its naming sense dictates that it's a mid-gen machine, at least. And it isn't really getting anything that the XB1 isn't...
But at the same time Microsoft treats it like a new system in terms of advertisement, sometimes.

At this point I'm leaning more towards it being a mid-gen specs upgrade like the PS4 Pro due to a lack of differences in form, function, naming sense etc, but Microsoft is playing some confusing games with it on the business side of things.
Maybe that's why it isn't selling the big numbers that they thought it would due to its specs?
I mean, we all know how bad the Wii U got nuked due to bad advertisement and form confusion; maybe the X1X is suffering from the same thing?

fonger08195d ago

Yeah me neither. I mean the Xbox one just had one of the worst launches ever, price, specs, and mandatory crap killed it. Then obviously there first couple of years worth of exclusives; while good, just weren’t good enough to really get them going again. I personally believe they should just call it Xbox, and fully embrace the idea of continuous upgrading model a la PC. It makes sense for them business wise. If they ever get around to doing what Spencer what’s them to do and that’s grow and develop first party teams, I think they can stay in this console game long term. But it will take awhile, I mean it’s taken Sony a good 10yrs to get this kind of consistent quality from their 1st party devs, and Microsoft so far behind it could take them longer.

Travis3708197d ago

Next gen doesn't start until Sony announces the PS5 and it might not release until 2021

Kiwi66196d ago

OK so what if one of the other two release a new console before the PS5 releases ?

wonderfulmonkeyman196d ago

Nintendo already did; the Switch is not a part of the Wii line, nor is it iterative of it. It's an entirely new generation of console.

showtimefolks196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

Until there is Ps5 or Xbox 2 we won't get next Gen. These mid generation upgrades improved a lot but still have the weaker CPU

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The story is too old to be commented.