Xbox Game Pass Monthly Subscription Price To Increase In Europe In June

The Xbox Game Pass monthly subscription price is set to increase in various European countries from June 1st.

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bigmalky197d ago

That was quick. Could they not have waited to butter people up a bit more?

Oh wait, it's Microsoft. No lube.

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Heelix197d ago

You killed me with that last line lol!

pojuja197d ago

I can see what your saying... Raymond `s article is surprising, last week I bought a top of the range Acura from making $4608 this-past/month and-a little over, $10,000 this past month . with-out any question its the easiest work I've ever had . I began this five months/ago and almost straight away startad bringin in minimum $82 per-hr

zaherdab197d ago

I can see what you're saying too !!! and obviously Acura is the answer

Mystogan196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

This happens all the time in Europe due to changing markets. It just increased to match the $10 US price. They were paying less.

The price is not going to change people.

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Shiken197d ago

EU is one of our weaker consumer do we attract new players?

Oh lets raise prices! That way they feel they are getting a higher quality service!


badz149197d ago

there is no need for the "/s" remark. I think that's exactly what happened in their board meeting

fiveby9197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

It's just a matter of time till such services are offered as tiers. Oh there is bronze level, silver level, and gold level tiers. It'll end up like a cable tv monthly bill in the years to come. You pay for a ton of garbage you don't really want. In the immoral words of Admiral Ackbar, "It's a trap".

Kryptix196d ago


Netflix is already doing Basic, Standard, and Premium so you're not far off.

Too many services being subscribed at one time at increased prices, all adds up. Better off purchasing games individually that I want off of sales like from Steam. Even at 300+ games in my library, barely have time for more than 2 or 3 a week. Learned that the hard way over time.

InTheZoneAC197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

People throw fits over a $1 or $2 netflix increase, can't imagine the rioting because of this

The Wood197d ago

Gamers can be a different breed. . ..we often accept and defend things we shouldn't.

CP_Company197d ago

At least netflix has a lot of good series. What m$ has? Nothing.

babadivad196d ago

Have you even bothered to see the games listed on the service?

SirJoJo197d ago

The price is going up in the region's where they have been paying less than everyone else in general. I live in UK, it isn't going up for us because we've been paying £7.99 (just under $11) a month already. They're basically making everyone equal, not that they can't hike it up in the future, at that point they'd better have a damn good reason to, like 3rd parties day one or something.

Mr_Wilson197d ago

I've been watching the Swedish News Channel since this news broke, and so far there hasn't been any coverage of the riots. I am quite certain that Microsoft have bribed the channel.

Maybe things are different in Poland? Anyone watching the news there?

Cobra951197d ago

Amazon is raising Prime a whopping $20/year. I have yet to see any riots over that either, which disappoints me.

blacktiger197d ago

Netflix produces at least 2-3 shows per year and at least 1 or 2 becomes one of the top shows like Stranger Things, House of Cards and defenders, punishers and many many more, what about Gamepass? Netflix only hijacked the price once, at least for North America

rainslacker196d ago

Yeah has a lot more subscribers than Game Pass currently does.

InTheZoneAC196d ago

Hopefully it stays that way

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DivineAssault 197d ago

Cant say im surprised.. Sea of theieves hooked in a good chunk of new customers just like they planned so they can start doing what they really want in certain areas.. Idk where this is all going but MS wanted an all digital gaming ecosystem with always online drm.. Theyre still working toward that goal. Im just curious how many people are going to give in.. Speeding up the demise of physical releases..

Ashlen197d ago

As soon as they get all digital they can start jacking up the prices as much as they want. I don't know why people so willingly support it. Even now you can see how much cheaper physical games are than digital, it should be obvious that when it's all digital that prices will skyrocket.

Mr_Wilson197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

I'll just assume you can see the parallels between what you are saying and the console ecosystem, and you don't support Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo consoles. The dangers of that are even more clear and obvious, after all.

If you're so worried about handing any party control over pricing then open platforms are the only way to go.

xXxSeTTriPxXx197d ago

Ding ding ding, tell him what he's won

Mystogan196d ago

Did you even read the Article?

The price increased to match the US price. Some countries were paying less due to changing currencies.
This has nothing to do with Sea of Thieves.

Godmars290197d ago

How long has Game Pass been offered?

OffRoadKing197d ago

Since June of last year but I dont know if it was available in all regions at the same time.

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