SteelSeries Arctis Pro - Skewed 'n Reviewed

SteelSeries has long been known for quality gaming products and have reached a new level of performance and quality with the Arctis Pro headset. Skewed and Reviewed has high praise for the unit and says it is now on the game developers to create games that feature Hi-Res sound output.

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KaladinStormblessed229d ago

I picked up a pair and they’re simply a solid pair of headphones. Stylish and strong build, good sound, good mic, and good customization (on pc). Super comfortable, would definitely recommend.

Garethvk229d ago

I had a rival company try to downplay them saying the game industry does not create games in that sound range so there is no need to have them, My thought was that perhaps that knowing they are on the market now and selling, then perhaps someone would say ok lets see what we can do. Sound Blaster recently started to put out new cards as for the longest time I had people say you do not need a sound card as the one on the board is more than adequate, well now there is a new level to aim for.

finite228d ago

Have the Arctis 7 amazing