10 Best LGBTQ Characters in Games

Becca at GameSpew: Here are some of our favourite LGBTQ characters in games. We feel for them, we relate to them, and we thank the game creators for giving these characters positive representation.

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InKnight7s140d ago

Waiting for :

Top 10 black characters in video games.

Top 10 religious characters in video games.

Top 10 asian characters in video games.

Top 10 independent female characters in video games.

Top 10 chracters with no identity in video games.

ClayRules2012140d ago

I’ll take the “Top 10 characters with no identity in video games” for 300, Alice =)

gamerzero140d ago

Why does it even matter to you? It's one of a hundred articles on N4G every day.

Sayai jin140d ago

Look at his first mention...

_FantasmA_140d ago


Sure, right after the Top 10 Undercover Bigots of N4G is published. Don't worry, you made the list, but stay tuned to find out what position you came in!

quent140d ago

You forgot 10 best hipsters

frostlatch139d ago

lol right?! This shit is soooooo important that it forced Blizzard to tack on the identity for Tracer (I highly doubt it was planned). I mean all they really did was feed the lesbian Overwatch porn they tried to stop lol. Its an eye roll every time. If there were more articles pointing the other lists out then I wouldnt care but nooooo, its this shit. lol.

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MAULxx140d ago

Lol at the comments. This opinion piece is so stupid.

Gardenia140d ago

We as LGBT are special and need more attention for our lifestyle than normal people

OmnislashVer36140d ago

It's literally the same as any other article. Top ten badass, top ten quirky, top ten whatever.

It's expected there would be something different about these games so pointing them out for alternative lifestyle people isn't a big deal to me.

There are tons of alternative scenes so aggregating everything for them isn't a huge deal. If we were saying top ten punks I wouldn't be so offended.

And more attention? That's rich considering the percentage of games and articles this covers. Snowflakes like you get offended for anything.

isarai139d ago

Ok so let's make a "Top 10 straight males in gaming" or how about "Top 10 bipedal characters in gaming" See how stupid that sounds? it's such a stupid arbitrary aspect to make into a group for a top 10 list because it adds/subtracts absolutely nothing to their character.

MetroidFREAK21140d ago

They are video game characters... Good lord

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