PS2 Games Join the PS Now Library of 600+ Titles

Hot Shots Tennis, Ape Escape 2 and more join the ever-expanding PS Now library.

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ZaWarudo201d ago

Dude give us more PS2 games on PS4.

JaguarEvolved200d ago

They need a portable device that can play ps1, ps2, ps3, ps4 and indie games. The ps5 should be able to play all those games as well

PhoenixUp201d ago

I wish they’d still add more PS2 Classics to PS4. There hasn’t been any new additions since they ported the Jak and Daxter series

TheSplooge200d ago

Why not just make them BC so people dont have to pay for a sub-par service? The ps4 could easily handle PS1 and 2 emulation.. they would make a hell of a lot more money that way. Just sell the games for $10-20 and there ya go.

InKnight7s200d ago

Well because they are stuck with Ps Now thry can't get rid of it and its sucks I can't even use it until sony decide to make the service a global thing.

travestyj200d ago

These PS2 games are already for purchase on PS4

TheSplooge200d ago

And that right there tells you that emulation is already present on the ps4, but sony is just being greedy in that department.

travestyj200d ago

What do you mean? It's just not a priority for them because they know next to no one actually cares about playing ps2 games on PS4. Sony budget goes to making new games.

Microsoft only focuses on it so much because they can't compete with Sony's new games and it's the only thing that makes Xbox standout yet PS4 continues to crush them in sales even without ps2 games.

It's a business, all businesses are greedy, they exist to take your money. Not sure how people don't realize this.

TheSplooge200d ago

If its not so important to them, then why are they putting the games behind a paywall via psnow? Why do they have ps2 games on the store? If they're going to have the games in the store, people should at least be able to stick the disc in the console to download it instead of purchasing it again. It makes zero sense to me when the emulation is already present on the ps4s software.. And of course every corp. Is after our money, but that crap is shady as hell.

jukins200d ago

The splurge makes perfect sense because not every psnow capable device is a ps4

travestyj200d ago

They put in minimum effort for Ps2 games because they know next. one cares. PSNow is a netflix like service, that's why it is behind a pay wall, any other stupid questions? Why are games in gamepass behind a pay wall? Why are free to play games on Xbox behind a pay wall? Seems more sketchy to me.

They've added features to the Ps2 games like trophies to try to make people care about them. They've done backwards compatibility plenty of times in the past to know no one cares. Xbox fanboys pretend to care because they're grasping are straws for reasons to justify their purchase of an Xbox.

What is more sketchy is releasing a new console and not supplying it with new games like MS has or when they do they are garbage.

shaggy2303200d ago


"What is more sketchy is releasing a new console and not supplying it with new games like MS has or when they do they are garbage"

That's weird, because I'm sure I was playing SoT the other night and I think its new, also its a damned fine game, not for everyone I agree, but its not "garbage".

Sony Pony's love to jump onto every little thing wrong with Microsoft/Xbox. back in 2013 it was that it had Kinect, then it was that it wasn't as powerful as the PS4 (seems power mattered back then) and now its because it doesn't have many exclusives.

I could say that the PS4 doesn't have EA Access (Come on Sony, give your players the choice, you are after all "For the Players"), or that the PS4 Pro isn't as powerful as the Xbox One X, or that the controller is utter crap, or that the stupid light at the front of the controller cant be turned off etc. but I don't, live and let live.

The Xbox One has plenty of exclusives, would more be nice? of course it would, but they have either been cancelled or aren't finished yet.

travestyj200d ago

You have low standards being an Xbox fanboy and all. The game is trash with no content. There's a good reason why it got abysmal review. The game sucks. Only people that defend it are insecure Xbox fanatics.

Xbox has always sucked because it has no exclusives, this hasn't chnaged since 2009, Sony has been killing them. The games is what makes the console and Playstation has been crushing Xbox for nearly a decade now.

NO one cares about renting old EA games and they're just as scummy as Microsoft so it doesn't surprise me that they let it on Xbox. How about Microsoft saying no to VR nstead of giving their fans the option? Or the option to play tons of great games like you do on PS4? PS4 controller is much better than Xbox's, stupid thing still needs batteries, what is this 2004?

The Xbox has barely had any exlcusives and the ones they do get are garbage like I said. Perhaps one of the richest companies in the world should maybe invest in video games? Should be something people want.

Are you attempting to take the high road? Because your comment about live and let live is contradictory to your comment. Not very bright are you? Explains why you like Xbox I guess.

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rainslacker200d ago

I think if someone has kept their PS2 games after all this time, they likely have a way to play them without a PS4.

PSNow service is more for people who either don't have the games or systems, or just want a way to play them anywhere.

MarineLineman200d ago

I don’t get it. A lot of people complain about how the service isn’t good enough, but then get upset when Sony adds more games to it.

LgbtWarrior200d ago

It’s good if you have a wired connection and a fast connection. People are upset because it’s taken them too long to make these available.

LgbtWarrior200d ago

Finally. We want ps1 ps2 legacy games avail to stream. If they drop the price to 10 a month and bring back the 99.99 year subscription they could make a killing.

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