Cory Barlog: Five More God of War Sequels is Just "Speculation"

As websites began reporting that the God of War franchise might run into the next quarter century, Barlog responded on Twitter with incredulity.

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MarineLineman198d ago

It would be cool though. I couldn’t care less about the irrelevant opinions of haters who going to claim that’s too much. As long as Corey and SSM are willing to do them, I can’t wait. This passed game was the best in the series by far.

DivineAssault 197d ago

Mayan, Asian, & Egyptian stories will be next after this Norse trilogy.. They created such an amazing world to explore with limitless opportunities.. GoW PS4 is one of the best games ive ever played

BeardedDrachen197d ago

I wouldn’t want this to get worn out... I’d be fine if it ends in 2-3 more games with the Norse Mythology. If they choose to do more, do it right.

Smokehouse197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

I think it would be better to limit each mythology to 2 big games a piece.

Spoiler: Although my interpretation was that we are going to see a mixture of the mythologies soon, a collision of sorts. Seeing the Japanese and Egyptian symbols and architecture art was cool. Tyr was in contact with those gods. I like the idea of a free for all with a weird original story opposed to a set trilogy of this or that culture exclusively. Trilogy seems like a drag to me, I’m already eager to continue.

capjacksparrow197d ago

Kratos v Jesus, anyone?

In all seriousness, after beating the game I'm wondering how many more games he'll last after seeing that prophecy on the wall. I mean, Kratos has defied fate before, but maybe this reboot is their way of bringing a new character into the forefront. Something I'm fine with because I'm sure they'll do it justice (gameplay and story-wise).

Smokehouse197d ago

That’s definitely the birth on the world serpent on that wall. And the world serpent is awfully white.

Frinker197d ago

Nahh dude that would be disrespectful. They can only feature god that are proven not to exist.

Goldby197d ago

so then why would it be disrespectful? no one can prove any god exist.

capjacksparrow197d ago

As Goldby said, no god has been proven to exist. I agree it would stir up too much controversey, what with the ridiculous amount of christians in the world, but last I checked, there is no concrete proof of any real deity from any religion past or present.

ShadowWolf712197d ago

Jesus was a real historical figure, this is documented fact.

Mythologically though, I'm not sure why Kratos would go up against one of the few deities to ever actually be willing to die to save their creation. Would require such spin as to not be based in that anymore.

That'd be the sort of god Kratos WANTS to see.

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