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Cubed3: "In the eighth console generation, a new trend in major releases known as a "soft reboot" in long running franchises has arrived. This is when the powers that be deliver something that can be best described as a sort of half-hearted attempt at making a sequel, yet downplay all connecting threads to previous entries to make this new product stand on its own merits as much as possible."

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Krangs_Uncle232d ago

All dreams are dashed of the 95 Metacritic. Here come the late lower scorers. It will be lucky to hold on to 94 at this point.

ObviousGoldfish232d ago

Yeah cause 94 equates to shit.

Krangs_Uncle232d ago

Not the point... But like you give a shit anyway.

JaguarEvolved231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

Reviews are rubbish and especially in today's time. Zelda botw is a 97 on metacritic so think about that

roadkillers231d ago

...That avatar fits you well :)

rpvenom231d ago

Honestly at this point.. the reviews don't even matter anymore.. Most people who own a PS4 picked this game up and I would say easily that 90% of them are loving the game (purely speculation but I've never seen so many people on my PS4 friends list online playing the same game).. If you still have doubts about the game and haven't picked it up.. then thats your prerogative.. but every ps4 owner should give this a try. Everyone whose played this game entirely knows whats up.. reviews at this point don't matter anymore.

No Way231d ago

Krangs - why do you give SO much of a shit? If you enjoy it; play it. Why you care what others like or dislike?

G3ng4r231d ago

97 x 2 > 94
Let's see how many care.

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Mr Lahey232d ago

Ok, here's the thing. The metascore is NOT just an average. Some sites weights in more than others and MC is very secretive about what goes on behind the scenes. don't be fooled! When the score drops a whole point like this, it's all about the clicks!

IamTylerDurden1231d ago

Open Critic still has it as 95 and the user score on Metacritic is 9.2 which is ridiculously high considering there are always a ton of 0/10 troll scores. The game is great, bottom line.

Dark_Knightmare2231d ago

Exactly which is why I use opencritic which is just so much better

Heelix232d ago

so much weight being placed on metacritic

It's a good reference but not the holy grail

dropping one or two points is not a big deal

It is still rated in the 90s

IamTylerDurden1231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

Open Critic seems a bit more rational than Metacritic, but neither are perfect. It gives an idea of what the reviews are like. Every game on Metacritic is a different case though. Some games appear to deserve their scores, some don't, but it's the most recognized system so we use it.

People know God of War is truly great regardless of a 94 or 95. I haven't had much time to play and it's tough because it's not just the jaw dropping graphics or the spectacular combat, the game just begs to be played. It's so utterly enjoyable.

Sunny_D232d ago

Well when most people see the hundreds of perfect scores and see the one review (not this one) where it shows the lower, most smart people are going to know something is up with the outliers.

Eonjay232d ago

There are so many things wrong with the review. First he claims "Fighting as Kratos still taps into the animalistic part of our brain - the ancient part of us that acts on instinct for survival." This is wrong, the gameplay is very strategic and nuanced. It is made for grown people plain and simple. His comment about off screen hits is dumb because you literally have a proximity arrow showing where fire is coming from. He even admits its there. Again, this is strategic. The side quest are some of the best in action RPGs period and are relevant to the story or lesson the team wants to share with us. And then there is this line:

"Doing Zelda-style puzzles as Kratos just feels weird - like Spider-Man taking a taxi. He just doesn't seem like the type to solve a puzzle to open a gate or chest."

The reviewer expose that he has basically never played a God of War game before That is what they are, 1/2 action and 1/2 puzzle solving. That is literally the whole series.

Sunny_D231d ago

Ok the last part is really terrible. Not only because of the ignorance of the reviewer. But, this reviewer’s opinion on what HE THINKS Kratos should be probably affected the score. Yeah, it’s pretty bullshit.

Veneno231d ago

Its completely true that God of War has always had puzzle solving but I believe the point is that there is way too much of it in this game to the point of eye rolling. BOTW has much puzzles as well but you can always break things up by doing something else at any time.

SSM really needs to cut down the puzzles in future GoW games. In today's gaming it just feels like mindless filler. No one buys these games for little brain teasers. We want to be in combat .

Eonjay231d ago

All of these puzzles pale in comparison to the final one in Ascension. Some of them can get annoying but they are pretty tame compared to those total mind f*ucks.

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gangsta_red231d ago

To each their own but when a one point difference gets a person riled up then maybe it's time to take a break from gaming and maybe look into knitting as a hobby.

Sunny_D231d ago

You also got to realize, TLOU also has few reviewers I think around 95 reviewers. GOW was also at a 95 score when they had the same amount of reviewers until the extra reviews came pouring in.

IamTylerDurden1231d ago

I haven't had as much time to play as i'd like, but i can't see how someone could give God of War a 7.5 or 8? The game is simply spectacular. God of War 3 was my favorite in the series up until this point, but this game is just so much deeper and far more nuanced. It's the evolution that the industry deserves.

Segata231d ago

How is an 8 a low score? In what universe is 8 a bad score!? WTF!?

No Way231d ago

I don't even think a 10 is a logical or reasonable answer.. i dont think any game is perfect. But, if you want the fans.. you give games 10. Otherwise you are blacklisted. Anything other than a 10 is considered blasphemy and not even considered to be anything but "clickbait."

People forget there is no "checklist," per se. All reviews are opinions. Some will give a game a 8, and some will give it a 2.

Skuibbles231d ago

Most reviewers were bullied into giving the game 10s anyway. Look around, any review below x gets discredited as clickbait. ironically makes the 10s the most dishonest and questionable scores REGARDLESS of what game it concerns. If GoW were indeed that good, you wouldn't need to scare reviewers into a 95% metascore in the first place. This is not a GoW thing, but generally all hyped games with a large fanbase get this treatment. Rockstar and Naughty Dog (I'm scared that Sony fans will gang up on me here so I'll name some Xbox studios as well except I don't know any since I never played any xbox games so I'm screwed shit mass effect why'd you go multiplat) are infamous for this.

I have my own way of reading the Metascores: Anything 95% and above is overrated crap (of course I hold many exceptions)
90-94 is a game that is actually good with deserved acclaim. (Gow 1+2, AC2, GTA SA, FF12, etc)
88-89 is the "overrated first entry
Below are underappreciated games (or just games that weren't that good)

(And yes, 70s are bad in the gaming industry because that's pretty much the lowest for most games that are considered bad. Anything below that is just a meme)

PS. No GOW dropping to 94 doesn't make it

rainslacker231d ago

There are so few scores below 8 that I wouldn't say that the "bullying" is prolific. In any case, how were these people bullied into giving it high scores? The "bullying" from the low scores came after the review came out. I see no evidence of collusion.

So far, there was one review discredited because it was obvious the guy didn't complete the game The other was discredited because the score was affected because Kratos apparently wasn't all sunshine and rainbows enough.

OffRoadKing231d ago

I wouldn't have expected anything less for a Playstation exclusive, its par for the course. It doesn't matter though anyone who plays it knows the truth, so let all the butt sore troll reviews come in they're meaningless anyway.

frostypants231d ago

Oh LAAAWDY NOOOO! Who cares?

Dark_Knightmare2231d ago

It’s only four spots away from 95 with a few more reviews still to hit and there’s no way it’s dropping to 93

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chris235232d ago

i‘m not sure if these less-than-perfect score givers even played the game past the intro and on the highest difficulty. such lower scores feel like bashing a title just because. one should give scores for the fun had while gaming and then also the technical view. but all i can see in blogs these days is personal bias - a thing which i couldn‘t care less about.

Palitera231d ago

Just clickbait. They probably didn't even play the game. Like the other 7.5 review, which states "I'd like to see these things in the game", when said things ARE in the game...

Anyone clicking the shitty site is feeding it.

goldwyncq231d ago

Because 8 is such a shit score, right?

Palitera231d ago

For such a masterpiece? Yes.

Lamboomington231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

Came to n4g comments section expecting to see fanboys calling out review for clickbait or whatever.

Was not disappointed.

I would try to explain to you how 8 is not a bad score, and that different people have different preferences, and that every critically acclaimed title will have some reviewers who don't like it as much as most. (I mean, that's kind of inevitable isn't it ? Anyone with half a brain would expect that)

But I won't bother. People would need some common sense first, which is apparently lacking here.

Palitera231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

Well, most of these reviews ARE clickbait, they don't bring valid (or even real) issues and are mostly from people who didn't even beat the game. Some "reviewers" didn't even play the game and it is pretty obvious. GameCritics, for example, and its "trailer review".

But I get you. When you are on a thirst for games that would even reach 80 on Metacritic on your preferred system, it can be hard to understand someone getting unhappy with a 8/10 score.

Don't worry. Someday you'll see another 8/10 exclusive in your system... Maybe...

For anything higher... Playstation. ;)

goldwyncq231d ago

Yeah, don't bother with these manchildren. They're beyond hope. I've been primarily a Playstation gamer since the PS1 days and this generation has by far the most number of insufferable and toxic "fans" of them all. Sad how these morons are tarnishing the reputation of the fanbase.

galmi231d ago

I agree with an 8/8.5, started the game on hard and my biggest issue has been the camera, thats the only downer for me

Flewid638231d ago

Agreed. Thats also my biggest issue with the game....the camera.

Flewid638231d ago

Beat the game. I thought it was great, but I didn't think i was perfect either.

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Goldby232d ago

cant take this review seriously for this one point.
"It takes some getting used to since this is borderline a first-person brawler due to how close the camera is to Kratos' point of view."

Heelix232d ago

The combat does take some getting use to.

I know it took me some time but I'm finally comfortable with it now.

Goldby232d ago

thats no the issue, the issue is th guy pretty much calls God of War a first person brawler.... its not a brawler, and its not first person.

Heelix231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

the author wasn't being literal.

firelogic231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

During combat you can see his feet on the ground. How tight could the camera be if you can see his entire body?

Lamboomington231d ago (Edited 231d ago )


No he does not. Read the sentence. He's saying it's close to it, and his words are also obviously exaggeration/hyperbole.


N4G fanboys don't know the difference. Nothing really matters when your favourite game gets a score as low as 8/10.

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Christopher231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

That is accurate as heck. It is my biggest complaint with the game. Kratos in melee can easily hide what the enemy is doing, let alone the limited view hides much if what is happening around you, which is very different from most third person action games.

It is, imho, the biggest flaw of the game. You are combatting the camera and it's limited view and movement sometimes more than the enemies themselves.

To people saying you can see his feet, not in tons of spaces where you are fighting and the camera gets much closer if there is a wall or similar object behind you, then you are only seeing the upper half of kratos. And that happens most often during the hardest battles of the game. Especially against red/yellow aura attack enemies, where yellow means dodge backwards, you will quickly find yourself against a wall.

Goldby231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

"Especially against red/yellow aura attack enemies, where yellow means dodge backwards, you will quickly find yourself against a wall."
The yellow isn't actually to indicate dodging backwards, but that the attack can be parried, and if not parried dodge in any direction (except towards the attack). red circles mean that the attack cannot be parried and only dodged. hope that helps :)

i can understand that, i've experienced some of it when i've been goign through my God of war difficulty where i end up getting backed into a corner.

my biggest gripes tho are actually the animations, we need more variety to the stun grabs and he needs some proper ragdoll for when he dies.

Christopher231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

Yellow is both safe dodge back and parry. Side dodging rather than parrying yellow will result in heavier auto tracking, meaning much easier to hit. Parrying isn't always the better option.

rainslacker231d ago

The direction of the dodge depends on the enemy and which attack they're doing. But the actual tips state that it means the attack can be parried. Just because you can dodge it is different.

Anyhow, no matter how far the camera is from the avatar normally, it's going to zoom in when you're up against the wall. There are times when the wall can disappear, but that would be quite the task in a game this big and isn't usually available in games which use occlusion culling like this game does.

Beyond that, I found it rare where knowing what some enemies might do if you're too close is an issue. The enemies where it matters tend to be larger, like the legendaries or Valkyries. But if it were important I'd see how the camera would be a problem. I think the camera could have been moved back about 50% further, but it wouldn't have solved the against a wall issue.

AspiringProGenji231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

That is not accurate. Are you telling me you can't see your sides or react to attacks from behind like in FPS?

The camera pulls out when in combat enough for you to be aware of your surroundings and react to attacks from all sides. You just need to be aware of what you are doing and not button mash like the old games. This game is not forgiving at all in comparison... Like there have been instances in which the camera messes up but that's why I keep forgetting that I have the lock on. I believe the lock on mechanic here could use some work. I rather not use it but sometimes I do then I forget which makes it hard to control the situation.

I don't remember this camera talk being a thing with Hellblade whose camera was even closer than GoW. If anything Hellblade proved this worked.

Also the yellow mark is for parrying, not dodge, There are some attacks that will hit you even if you dodge.

Christopher227d ago

***But the actual tips state that it means the attack can be parried. Just because you can dodge it is different. ***

Actually the tips say otherwise. What I stated was directly from one of the in game tips and has worked for me. Even if I'm stuck in a corner, dodging back has saved me from yellow aura attacks while side dodging has only saved me from red, even if I'm stuck against a wall. I have no clue why they are so fascinated with certain enemies only being safe with dodging to the right.

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TheSplooge232d ago ShowReplies(1)
generic-user-name232d ago

"This is when the powers that be deliver something that can be best described as a sort of half-hearted attempt at making a sequel"

There is nothing half-hearted about GoW. This game could easily be called GoW4, it's the same Kratos, the events of the previous games are still canon, it's just bigger and better now. I don't see how that's half hearted.

trooper_231d ago

Gotta get clicks somehow.

doggo84231d ago

If he thinks this is half hearted then Shame, he must hate just about every game this generation

rainslacker231d ago

Yeah, the only thing that was reinvented was the game play itself. Even if it stayed hack n' slash, the story and world structure could have remained exactly the same.

OffRoadKing231d ago

See that right there is why people take issue with these troll click bait reviews, its not the number people have a problem with, an 8 is still a good score although IMO it deserves better but its the verbiage in the reviews that make them so blatantly obvious as trash reviews from garbage "journalist" looking to belittle this masterpiece of a game. If anything this was a half hearted attempt at a review and the guy should find some other occupation.

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