Shadow of the Tomb Raider Marketing is Awful - Should We Be Worried?

"Square Enix has been making some strange choices when it comes to marketing its latest game developed by Eidos Montreal, Shadow of the Tomb Raider." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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PhoenixUp231d ago

I’m tired of these games depicting her origin story

-Foxtrot231d ago

Thing is it’s not really her origin considering it’s a different version of Lara.

PhoenixUp231d ago

No shit it’s a reboot series in a different continuity

I’m saying they keep marketing each game in this series as her origin instead of having her be a full fledged Tomb Raider even though she’s already raided numerous tombs

Derceto230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

It's SquareEnix controlling everything. If that isn't enough to worry you already, I really don't know what is then.

joab777230d ago

It’s worrisome because it’s a different dev and a 3rd game fairly soon. Not because of marketing. I’m worried it’s just a way tthat grab a few dollars.

EDKICK230d ago

Square has been poorly marketing and otherwise getting in their studios ways for years now but the talent of studios like Eidos and Crystal have been able to overcome the stupid decision making of Square. I'm not worried about Shadow of the Tomb Raider, both of the new Tomb Raiders have been fantastic.