Alien Vs Predator - Capcom's Lost Classic writes:

''When you hear the name Capcom, there’s a certain set of games that instantly spring to mind. Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Marvel vs Capcom, Final Fight and Mega Man. Those with a taste for the cult classics would probably utter the likes of Darkstalkers, Power Stone, and Rival Schools.''

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Tsar4ever01227d ago

Got it on MAME, not a prob for me playing it.

PixelGateUk227d ago

Almost like that topic is part of the article ;) but i feel you, just a shame it's left 'officially' to fade into history

227d ago
naruga227d ago (Edited 227d ago )

this is a lost gem literally ....good old and Gold Capcom (ohh nostalgia much)....bring the damn thing over to PS4 with an arcade pixel perfect port (not HD bS and other remake crap

PixelGateUk227d ago

In before 'perfect for the Switch'

Freeball227d ago

Definitely a classic for me. Best side scrolling beat em up ever

Einhander1971227d ago

Got this classic on my arcade cab, and talking of forgotten gems check out Undercover Cops, Metamorphic force, Night slashers. Great side scrollers from the golden age of the arcades.