5 Features the Next Xbox Needs to Beat PlayStation 5

Before Microsoft releases a new console they’re going to ask a lot of questions about what it will take to ensure their next next Xbox doesn’t struggle like the Xbox One has. Here are a few things that Microsoft’s next console needs to feature.

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Septic146d ago

More than features, Xbox needs compelling games. And 'it all depends on what you mean by beating' PlayStation. In terms of sales, that's going to be a tough call.

Feature-wise, the two consoles are on par really/ if not, the Xbox might have a slight edge afaik atm. That's not what will decide any kind of winner in the grand scheme of things.

Rude-ro145d ago

If Microsoft stays as is... they could create a good divide if they were to go after esport gaming in home consoles.
Get rid of the controller latency and go low as possible, go for high frames per second and everything else to go after the competitive crowd.
If they want to depend on third party games and competitive e-sport titles... this could be huge between the two.
I am truly shocked the x did not do this as it’s base core design.
Sure, Sony could match said tech specs... but Microsoft would be have the marketing edge since they do not need to to spend as much marketing their exclusive ips.
Sony is also leaving the door wide open because they have been mainly focusing on single player games and not really any sort of pvp style e-sport games outside of third party games.
This would compliment home consoles because there would be no lose lose situation and would etch out Microsoft’s spot in the market.
I believe.
Nintendo = kid friendly and nostalgic titles.
Sony = the king of single player exclusives as well as their other big hitters with their amazing in house game engines.
Microsoft = esport focused competitive console as well as streaming etc.
Three different markets that would only boost gaming for everyone and could get rid of the “war” due to Microsoft not needing to, in a round about way, monopolizing their way through a gen and having to stand there in silence with “exclusives”.

145d ago
Kiwi66145d ago

So there isn't a streaming service on PS or did you simply forget about it ?

Rude-ro145d ago

What does a streaming service have to do with?
There are no differences currently except for pixels and a lack of a sense that Microsoft is gaming company due to not making games...
I am simply saying they could focus on something that compliments their target base.. shooters and e-sports.
There is having the ability to stream, or their is a better way to do it with the ui etc of the console.

Army_of_Darkness145d ago

Yeah compelling exclusive games would be the most important feature for gamers... If Sony's ps5 had the exact same features as they do now with the ps4 with its continued exclusives and added backwards compatibility for even just ps4 games, Xbox2 is screwed!

fiveby9145d ago

I was thinking similarly. It's not like Sony is not going to make changes to their ecosystem too. The key element Sony has going for it now is a large user base which has a significant investment in the current gen platform. If Sony includes backwards compat with PS4 on PS5 then there is likely little reason to jump ship from Sony back to MS. It would preserve their current investment. Players have confidence that Sony won't abandon making great games.

fr0sty145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

Here's the one feature Xbox next needs before it can even start to think about beating PS5...

1. Knowing what the PS5 is even going to be in the first place.

Kiwi66145d ago

An article like this would make more sense if more was known about the PS5 first before saying what other consoles need to have

rainslacker144d ago

No. Ms needs to get its house in order, and make games. In doing so, create a vision for the Xbox that people can get behind, and be able to express that vision coherently to the public. None of this most powerful system stuff, or vague references to things that might come in the future. Just a solid base of games coming out regularly, coupled with a solid plan for where things will be going forward. The features are just added bonus, and while they can attract some people, it's better to be strong in the area that almost every customer cares about most

dmonee145d ago

I agree. Microsoft studios needs to tighten up, start taking a page out of Sony’s book. Franchises like Halo, Gears of War need the God of War treatment and need to be reinvented. Those games are part of the reason I purchased an Xbox 1 and those games are also the reason I parted ways with Xbox in favor of the PS4.

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ArchangelMike145d ago

The article fails to address the elephant in the room - exclusive AAA games. Otherwise, why not just make an xbox branded PC a la steambox?

Godmars290145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

No. The real elephant is the insistence of online to justify needing an XBL sub. They need to give up on that, trying to manipulate and exploit their consumer base with multiplayer/community based games.

Ristul145d ago

If they go all out PC I doubt anyone is going to pay for gold though.

gamerzero145d ago

haha good luck with that.

2pacalypsenow145d ago

Xbox has enough features.

it needs games, and not games as a service.

145d ago
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