Bleszinski Wants Radical Heights on Xbox One; Teases That He and MS Might be Talking

Boss Key Productions co-founder Cliff Bleszinski wants his new free-to-play Battle Royale shooter Radical Heights on Xbox One.

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DarkVoyager199d ago

Of coarse you are. The game lost 82 percent of its usebase in 2 week.

VER1ON199d ago

Remember that the game is still in very-early access at this point.

The_Jackel199d ago (Edited 199d ago )

so, perfect for gaas then which is why they have been talking for an early access game to put on gaas

morganfell199d ago (Edited 199d ago )

It really doesn't matter. You can recognize a gem early on and this isn't one. That is likely why so many people bailed. Yes it could be numbers saying, "This thing really isn't ready" but usually when there is a core goodness, a great hook people stay and play through. If you look at Steam and why people do not like the game the three biggest reasons are it comes off like a Fortnite wannabe, tech issues, and aim hackers. You can solve those second and third ones to a degree but that first one goes to the character of the game.

Cliff is fairly done. His most famous creation consisted of stolen mechanics and the wonderful creative modeling and writing of other people. At a certain point it becomes obvious that Gears of War, and the original was and is great, was a case of a perfect storm where he was lucky enough to be at the helm of the boat. But he got off at the first dock and that boat has now sailed.

G3ng4r199d ago

Maybe he can get a job back at epic.

Jinger199d ago


Sometimes a person only has the one great idea or product that catapults them to stardom, but after that they can't come up with anything like it again.

I wouldn't say one-hit-wonder because he made 3 good Gears games, but one-franchise-wonder?

Michiel1989199d ago

I agree that hes done for now, but he did create some good stuff in the past. Most noticeably for me Jazz Jack Rabbit and Gears. He also worked on unreal tournament if im not mistaken

You can say all you want about stolen mechanics but Gears did make 3ps cover shooters popular because it was done right.He has just been too cocky in the past and now its biting him in the ass.

morganfell199d ago


Let me reiterate I think the original Gears was and is great. But most of the mechanics came from another game:

Cliff not only stated openly at GDC that Kill Switch was the inspiration but also the Lead Designer and Producer of Kill Switch, Chris Esaki, was Lead Design Director for Gears of War.

So much of what was great about Gears wasn't Clifford in some room designing this stuff by himself. He stood on the shoulders and work of a lot of people.

In some ways I liken him to Warren Spector. Yes in his heyday he did some good things but while gaming evolved, he did not.

TheCommentator199d ago (Edited 199d ago )

@ morganfell

"Yes it could be numbers saying, 'This thing really isn't ready' but usually when there is a core goodness, a great hook people stay and play through."

Sounds like you're talking about Sea of Thieves, which people are staying and playing through in spite of the critics saying this thing really isn't ready.

On topic, Radical Heights is pretty much a Fortnite clone, which is kind of sad. Maybe Cliff is talking with MS to get back into making Gears again! I remember that Cliff wanted to do a prequel series based on the Pendulum Wars but said his vision was too much for the 360 to handle and would need next gen power to realize. I know it's a stretch of a hypothesis, but Cliffy would be prime pickings right about now.

fewDankMemes199d ago

Lol I for one won't be playing it after he made the decision to not release Law breakers on Xbox One. This wasn't a publisher paying more money for an exclusive, it was a dev poorly choosing it's userbase and thought the game would sell more because of a bigger install base. I didn't buy the game on my PS4 or PC after he made those silly comments, and I will definitely not be supporting any of his future products.

darthv72199d ago

So Cliff turns his back on MS with Lawbreakers and that game flops. so now he wants to come to MS to help him out with Radical Heights???

Good luck with that Cliffy

morganfell198d ago

"Sounds like you're talking about Sea of Thieves, which people are staying and playing through in spite of the critics saying this thing really isn't ready. "


SoT never crossed my mind until you mentioned it and looking at it no, I do not think it fits the bill because there isn't the same core issues people are experiencing with Cliff's effort so you are off the mark.

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BadElf199d ago

I want it! Speak for yourself Willy

WilliamSheridan199d ago

Literally nobody wants it...

Why in the heck do you?

Sam Fisher199d ago

Bleszinski can dig his grave, hes over. "Polarizing" he says. Thats a f$&king d!c|< head

199d ago
MarineLineman199d ago

lol This guy is switching which company he wants to kiss up to every other week.

lxeasy199d ago

yeah after Cliff finished up Gears 3 he lost his edge. Also I've never even heard of this game.

MarineLineman199d ago

As far as I know, It’s to Fortnite and PUBG what Lawbreakers was to Overwatch; an unoriginal and uninspired knockoff that does very little different, but is trying to take market share anyways. Agree though, Gears 3 was the last good game by this guy. Despite all of his utter failures since, he’s still stuck in the mentality that everything he touches is gold. What a hack.

roland82199d ago (Edited 199d ago )

Calling xbox fanboys salty over lawbreakers isn't going to win them over. He should just stick with pc and sony since they're the ones who made lawbreakers a success. Oh wait

Cmv38199d ago

Well they were salty, but they shouldn't have been because it honestly wasn't a good game. Just over watch with jump mechanics.

slate91199d ago

I thought the game was awesome. Just sucks it didn't get the population to support it.

Concertoine199d ago

One couldnt help but feel screwed after making Cliff's Gears series a bestseller.

A multiplat is fine but if it belonged on any one console it was probably the Xbone

lxeasy199d ago

lawbreakers was def not overwatch lol

WilliamSheridan199d ago

We weren't salty one bit... We didn't even notice, just like the rest of the world

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bluefox755199d ago

There were a lot of xbox fanboys that cried about it though, so...was he wrong? Also, you surely don't believe that having the game on Xbox would have made it a success, do you?

BLAKHOODe199d ago

He should want his game on as many platforms as possible. But specifically saying Xbox was a bad move as it'll upset PS4 gamers and might bring up memories of him passing over Xbox with Lawbreakers.

Next time, Cliffy, even if you're only focused on one, try saying you want to bring your game to "consoles" instead.

OpenGL199d ago

Xbox gamers have proven interested in unfinished early access games so why not.

PFFT199d ago

Sony fanboys would as well if you guys had that option.

BiggerBoss199d ago

PS4 just got God of War, but yeah dude, we're just BEGGING for this game right? Lmao

Prince_TFK199d ago

There is nothing wrong with early access game. You can’t go into an early access game and expect a complete experience.

Plus, you only say that because the PS4 didn’t get PUBG. You would sing a different tune if PUBG was exclusive to the PS4.

ocelot07199d ago

"There is noting wrong with early access games" You should try being a PC gamer then as there is plenty wrong with early access gaming. I don't know if it's happened yet on Xbox. But I my self have been burnt 2 or 3 times when it comes to early access games on PC.

I have bought 2 or 3 early access games in the past. Only for the developers to run out of money and are then unable to finish the game. Meaning those people who have bought the game have lost their money. As steam don't refund when it comes to failed early access titles.

KickSpinFilter199d ago

That's OK PS$ will get PUBG after Xbox has beta tested it for consoles.
Thx BTW.

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