Spider-Man PS4 2016 vs. 2018 Comparison Shows How The Game Has Evolved

Spider-Man PS4 was originally revealed at E3 2016. The footage shown back at E3 2016 was so good that it looked like a pre-rendered video, however as Insomniac Games later showcased with a live demo, this was all done in-game using their own engine.

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KwietStorm232d ago

Wow. What an in-depth and detailed comparison. Definitely worth an article.

silver-ten232d ago

Why did you make give them click?

I thought you are talking for real smh

KwietStorm232d ago

I didn't make you do anything, and my post is dripping in sarcasm.

thejigisup232d ago

Read a few more comments before the blind click lol he forgot the /s

thejigisup232d ago

What y'all came for. overall an enhancement by far. For one the reflection on the window is real nice. The textures on the suit seem to be improved significantly, cant wait to see it in motion on my tv. The smoke/particle effect missing in the new version may just be due to environmental change I rather liked it in the first one. Buildings seem to have been cleaned up too and the draw distance appears to have been enhanced. I'd like to say Sept can't come soon enough but I Still need to get God of War, Detroit, finish far cry and maybe get some of that dlc that looks real nice. So Sept doesn't seem so far away anymore.

232d ago