Why Assassin's Creed Origins is The best Assassin's Creed

Set in the last few decades of the BCEs in Ptolemic Egypt, Assassin's Creed Origins follows, Bayek, one of the last Medjay, as he hunts down his son's murderers.

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NeodeosX202d ago

Can only agree, fantastic game, and best one in the series.

KaaF202d ago

Black Flag is better.

Vegamyster202d ago

I prefer the pirate story & navel combat in Black Flag but Origins does everything else better.

raWfodog201d ago

Since I haven't played Origins yet, Black Flag is currently my favorite AC game. The naval combat was the best part of the game for me. But I'm hearing mostly good things from Origin players and I look forward to diving into it once I pick it up one day.

Deep-throat202d ago

AC3 is the last AC game I played. What do you think guys, should I start playing the newer ones?

AC3 was kinda boring.

Pennywise138202d ago

The only AC I say not to sleep on is Black Flag. That game should have been its own series.

SoulMikeY202d ago

If black flag was actually open, had underwater swimming and played like Origins in general, it would be the best. But tiny islands, too many ship battles, and lack of underwater swimming in an ocean based game was really disappointing. Also the fact that it was 90% water was wack.

StormSnooper202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Black Flag and I think AC3 (the one w Etzio in Florence)

MatrixxGT202d ago

@soul I don’t know what game you played but I remember a lot of underwater swimming in black flag. There is even a trophy for it. And it’s pretty open world.

OT: my suggestions

1. Black flag
2. Origins
3. Ezio collection if you want good trilogy and see the true roots of the series.

showtimefolks202d ago

I never played black flag is or worth it?

StormSnooper202d ago

Short answer, yes. It’s worth it.

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rockwhynot202d ago

I'm still working through AC3 for PC. 60 fps plays super awesome.

StormSnooper202d ago

WHAT ? AC3 was Etzio right? That one was awesome!

I haven’t gotten around to Origins, I bet it looks great on the X.

maelstromb202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

AC3 was after the Ezio trilogy and focused on Connor Kenway. AC2, Brotherhood and Revelations round out the Ezio story. AC2 is still one of my favorites. I did very much enjoy AC3. Played Black Flag a little bit, but couldn't get into the setting, but I loved the improved ship mechanics... It'd be pretty sweet to see a Vikings AC game somewhere along the line.

StormSnooper202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Oh yes your right. I meant AC2 then. That was the best one. I also really liked BlackFlag. I think I’ve always had a attraction to the pirate lifestyle. They see free from inhibitions. So that was really cool for me.

Yeah I totally agree on the Viking setting.

TomatoDragon202d ago

Definitely play it in on a PS4 pro. Best way to play it. Then you can hop on over to God of War. 😁

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Millard202d ago

I think origins didn't feel like an assassins creed game. I found the combat repetitive and boring. I think unity was the best in the series so far.

rockwhynot202d ago

Wasn't Unity plagued with glitches and bugs upon release?

Millard202d ago

Yes it was. Underneath that though was an absolute gem of a game. If more people took the time to revisit it now I think they would enjoy it.

I really don't like the direction origins has gone, its just go here and wipe out generic enemy base over and over. The combat feels awful and senu is the most annoying thing ever. I don't know if it's the setting for the game or if it's because of the open world but there is very little need to use and climb the environment and it just doesn't feel like assassins creed.

Razzer202d ago

AC4: Black Flag was better.

goldwyncq202d ago

Lol no, 90% of the missions on land are tailing missions and the game doesn't feel like an Assassin's Creed game in the slightest. Origins is far better in almost every category.

Elda202d ago

Totally agree. It didn't feel like a AC game at all,it felt more like some swashbuckling ship fighting game.Origins was awesome.

Razzer202d ago

It definitely diverged from the norm, but that is what is made it the better game, IMO.

Elda202d ago

Imo I thought AC:BF was the worse but to each their own.

Elda202d ago

I agree wholeheartedly. It's the best AC game I've ever played & the 2 dlc's were fun as well.I was somewhat disappointed when it all came to an end.Then God of War popped up just in time!