Microsoft Pursuing "Expansive" Opportunities in Gaming Investing in Xbox Platform and Cloud

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella pledges to continue investing to improve the Xbox platform and to enhance its cloud services for developers.

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FallenAngel1984231d ago

Despite what Phil Spencer says, Microsoft still ultimately talks more about expanding their services than their first party lineup.

gangsta_red231d ago

The CEO of MS focuses on the larger picture, bottom line is profit, DAU and other forms that drive profit.

You really think Satya Nadella cares or even worries about 1st party studios?

Septic230d ago

And people thought they gave up on the Cloud tech. Oh y'all will see

The_Jackel230d ago

not alot said they gave up septic they called the bullshit they spoke with the og xbox one with cloud making it what was it 4x more powerful which would be th same power as the x pretty much with cloud tech.
why the need for the xbox x if that was the true case yould put the resorces into cloud not a new console

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rainslacker229d ago

Pretty cynical view considering his goals should be about maximizing the revenue and profits of the entire company, while not making the mistake that MS has made countless times in the past, by which they make themselves irrelevant because they don't diversify their product enough to remain fluid when changes come along. MS so many times has chased the hot thing at the time, or given up on things too soon making it so when they come back to the market, they are already behind the times and have to work harder to catch up.

No one thought they gave up on cloud tech. People just prefer to see something that is good for them before MS talks more about how great it's going to be for us.

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DarkVoyager230d ago

“Microsoft Pursuing "Expansive" Opportunities in Gaming Investing in Xbox Platform and Cloud“

This guy cares nothing about first party and everything about services. Xbox future looks dim.

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dedicatedtogamers230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

Likely "expanding" to other platforms and console systems next gen. Just watch. Investing into the cloud makes it easier to stream/emulate their games on other systems.

Buy a subscription to Xbox Live and Game Pass and play Microsoft's exclusives on numerous platforms, including Sony's and Nintendo's.

Watch it happen.

rainslacker229d ago

I'm sure MS would be OK with that. However, they would lose a tremendous amount of revenue if they don't have their own system to get licensing fees from.

Not to mention, it's wagering on the competition being willing to allow such services on their systems. Nintendo may allow cross play for instance, but would they be OK with giving MS an easy access to their own consumer base? So long as MS has a console, they're a competitor, and I don't see Nintendo or Sony really giving MS that advantage in the market, when they'd be better served to try and push MS out of the market completely.

TheCommentator230d ago

Why are you talking about Phil Spencer, when the article is about Satya Nadella, his boss?

Besides, Phil has stated that their long term goal is to have a software library that is competitive with Sony again, and that it will take as long as a decade to become the rival they intend to be. He's talked about investing more into studios and 1st party games. He has mentioned that single player IP is important to the success of Xbox. He even said that their attention was shifting away from HW and services when they were finished with the 1X. That's a lot of talk about getting behind 1st party games production...

MS has been actively talking about games being the focus for about a year now, and I know of at least two games, the one from Playground's second studio and a new Perfect Dark. So they have been shifting focus already and we'll see some of that at E3 this year. You'll know if MS is serious about gaming again only if they remain consistent though so one E3 is not going to prove anything one way or the other. But hey, it's got to start somewhere if it's going to start at all!

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PhoenixUp231d ago

“Sea of Thieves “drove gameplay” across Windows 10 and Xbox One in addition to 10 million hours of viewing on services like Mixer in its first week.”

Even when Sea of Thieves becomes Xbox One’s fastest selling first party new IP & allegedly Rare’s fastest selling game in their entire history, Microsoft still refuses to give actual sales numbers and continues to give out only statistics.

Abriael231d ago

Wouldn't it be worse if they gave "actual sales numbers" only when they're good?

They have their metrics, which is what their investors are interested in. These are calls for investors.

rainslacker229d ago

Their metrics don't mean much to investors if they can't know the revenue and profits from such things. MS continues to make money, so investors stick around. But that doesn't mean that the investors know if the Xbox brand is a burden or benefit. Overall, I'd say that most investors probably don't care about the Xbox division specifically, just if MS can make money with whatever plan they have going now.

Even MAU's are a metric of potential for the future, which is why MS started using them because they want to make themselves a service provider. They extended that to the Xbox platform. It doesn't mean much to us, and it's easy to dissect the PR and meaning. But if MS can't eventually deliver on the potential which exists, they're going to run into investors demanding more, and unlike forum fan boys, they can't just PR their way out of that.

darthv72230d ago

Investor meetings are all about statistics. Don't you know anything about business???? They want to know if something is being used and how much.

TheCommentator230d ago

Success isn't gauged that way around here...

submarinna231d ago

cant wait to see "the power of the cloud".

Jakens230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

If the CEO said it, then I have regain some trust that it will be real. Perhaps it'll be a big deal.

A note: that I love games.

meka2611230d ago

It actually does work, not sure what Microsoft is doing, but tons of business' use cloud computing already, ibm is one that comes mind. So the tech works great, but not sure what Microsoft is doing.

TheCommentator230d ago

We'll see this fall, when Crackdown releases, just how well the initial stages of cloud compute works.

rainslacker229d ago

They're going to leverage their cloud services for game streaming, MP/online related services, and maybe one day, cloud compute. It's what they're already doing, and probably where they'll make the most money from the gaming market. They don't even need to keep it restrained to XBox or Windows to make money off it, which is really where MS wants to be from a financial stand point.

But MS is still very much about being in everyone's life. Gates once said if a toaster could run windows, they'd want the OS on it. Funny that Google beat them to the appliances though. I know I enjoy being able to turn on my stove when I'm in another state.*rolls eyes*

TheCommentator230d ago

I can't wait until you see it either. What song and dance will you sing for us then?

submarinna230d ago

song - smooth criminal, dance - moon walk

TheCommentator229d ago

Will you wear the white suit and fedora? Now I want to play on my Genesis again...

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Tross230d ago

Services are fine and all, but that's not what the XB1 is lacking right now.

Atticus_finch230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

Hurry with dat cloud power Phil, we all want to see that 4x power. Good thing Xbox fans seem to have extreme patients.

Septic230d ago

Xbox fans are doctors ?

Atticus_finch230d ago

I meant Patience, but patient fits because alot of y'all need doctors.

Septic230d ago

Makes no sense...we're doctors because we need doctors....GENIUS🤣

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