Does God of War Set A New Gold Standard for PlayStation

This week's episode of The Trophy Room: A PlayStation Podcast, with God of War 4 finally out, and media sites are touting God of War 4 as one of the best games this generation. Trophy Room host's Kyle and Joseph share their non spoiler, thoughts on God of War. Where or not this Santa Monica has changed the game, when it comes to storytelling? God of War Creative Director, Cory Barlog shares his reaction to the glowing reviews for his game, and why share something so personal with gamers? Why, gamers need to be better to each other. Destiny 2's latest DLC, Bungie tries to bring players back into their universe. Spiderman PS4, gets a Avengers Infinity War preorder bonus. The month of May's PS Plus line up. Lastly, the guys talk about the controversy surrounding Detroit Become Human. Why, Quantic Dreams lawsuit with Le Monde might be doing more harm than good.

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UCForce231d ago

You can say that. A game surpassed our expectations. It’s really refreshing to play a game that actually a game than Gaas. Cory Barlog and SSM have earned a huge respect.

Jinger231d ago

Surpassed who's expectations? I was expecting the best game of the Gen according to all these reviews and articles, but that's not what I'm playing.

Sunny_D231d ago

Well luckily, no one cares for your opinions.

IRetrouk231d ago

Its an amazing experiance, honestly one of the best of the gen, combat, story, graphics, everything screams quality, 40 odd quid well spent if ya ask me.

Elda231d ago

Your one out of 200 that think this while thousands even millions thinks the new God of War is AmaZing!!!

rainslacker231d ago

That's because you're expectations were set up to make sure you could criticize this game in some way. You're disappointment is more due to the fact that it's hard to discredit this game because there aren't many out there who can substantiate anything you say, and when they try, it's easy enough to show why they either didn't play the game, or are just trolls based on their user history. I'd have more respect for the GOW fan with no history of bashing PS left and right saying they didn't like this game, but I think they'd be able to form pretty cohesive reasons based on their actual play of the game.

Swiftfox231d ago

Yes! We only care about opinions which match our own! Our delicate, social safety bubbles shall NOT be violated!
Now you give "God of War: The Infallible Messiah" the unquestioned fanaticism it deserves!

synistatha1231d ago

@ Jinger Just shut up like seriously you always say the dumbest shit just to get a rise out of people your like that annoying kid in school who thinks they are so cool by going against the majority just go away.

UCForce231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

It’s like you want people don’t enjoy their game to make you feel better, is that you want ?

MarineLineman231d ago

It is one of the best games of this generation. Care to actually explain why it’s not? without your opinionated BS that you’ll change when it’s convenient for you.

Dark_Knightmare2231d ago

Dude no one cares you’ve been in almost every gow article downplaying. We get it you don’t like it as much as everyone else so go find some like minded individuals which I understand will be hard because they are a very small minority and complain about everything the game supposedly does wrong.

Ben Dover231d ago


It seems you're accidentally playing Sea of Thieves, which indeed is a piece of shit. Please walk towards your PS4 or buy one and actually play the proper game.

leoms231d ago

It's alright, you're mistaking sea of thives with God Of War. God of War can only be played on a ps4

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rainslacker231d ago

I had pretty high expectations for this game. But yeah, so far, it's surpassed them big time.

Sunny_D231d ago

Games As A Service. I call it A.S.S. though. Absolutely Stupid Service.

jukins231d ago

Couldnt have said it better. For a game this far into a series to feel so fresh and fun is amazing

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FallenAngel1984231d ago

It shows that Sony shouldn’t be so willing not to continue a lot of their longerunning franchises

UCForce231d ago

Especially they want to make sure the game have same dna like previous games even it’s different. God of War have prove that.

UCForce231d ago

I don’t understand why Halo and Gear of War can’t do the same like God Of War. Not saying it should be like God Of War. But It’s more like Halo and Gears Of War need a treatment like God Of War. You need to evole the series naturally, not by forced.

kneon231d ago

Most studios don't have the talent or confidence to diverge from the formula that they are comfortable with..

Jinger231d ago

Because some people enjoy those style of games. I wouldn't want Halo to become a over the shoulder cover shooter as I wouldn't want Gears to become a FPS.

Sunny_D231d ago

GOW is like one of the few games to actually change the formula. It’s not the norm, hence why most devs stick to the same formula.

UCForce231d ago

@Jinger Yeah, but those games are getting very old. Halo 5 and Gears Of War 4 sold less than their previous games because it didn’t meet people expectations.

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Sunny_D231d ago

It shows Sony can definitely breathe new life into older ip’s IF they can do it right. That’s always the biggest thing.

TGG_overlord231d ago

You know for sure that you got something good going when not even DSP got something to whine about.

UCForce231d ago

Sorry for calling you “brother”. I’m just really like Mimir in God Of War. So I did used his quote.

zekk231d ago

I want it to be the stardard but at the same time not cause with how good the game is it might ruin gaming for me if i expect all games to be as good.....

kneon231d ago

I had that problem after Uncharted 2. Other games seemed lame by comparison so I stepped away from story driven games for a few months. It happened again with TLOU, we'll see if GoW has the same effect, but right now with more than half the game complete I'm not expecting it.

Gardenia231d ago

The standard was already there with game like Bloodborne, Uncharted, TLoU, SotC, GT Sport, Nioh, Nier, Persona 5, Ni No Kuni 2, Horizon Zero Dawn

Playstation is on fire for years now and still there are so many great games to come

Forn231d ago

No, it sets a diamond standard.

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