Sony Offering Free Netflix With PlayStation Plus Subscriptions

Gadgets 360: "Sony is offering three months of Netflix for free with yearly PlayStation Plus subscriptions. This deal isn't live globally just yet, although it is available in India and most of Europe right now, provided you've received an email from the company with the offer of free Netflix."

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Goozex228d ago

Not free if u do want free try terrarium tv

Skull521228d ago

I suppose after you beat your Sony exclusive in 10 hours you have a lot of time to do other things.

MVGeneral228d ago

At least we have exclusives to beat.

Abnor_Mal228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

Great exclusives with actual content provided, not like some other game where players have to try an make up their own content because the game is more barebones than the skeletons within the "game".

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subtenko229d ago

I knew from the too-good-to-be-true-frst-assum ption headline there was a catch. Change the title to free 3 months

mark_parch229d ago

lol I was the same. a permanent Netflix subscription with playstation plus could rival game pass

229d ago
mark_parch229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

@MakoD This is why game pass is so good for me. I game share with a friend so it costs me £4 a month. state of decay 2 is one of my most anticipated games this year, I definitely be getting the next forza horizon, ori and the will of the wisp and halo. I'm not sure about crackdown 3 but will give it a try. those games would cost me at least £110 and that's if I went halfs on each one with my friend. so you can see the value for me. throw in other games I want to play like city skylines, bioshock and mad max ( I've already rinsed rise of the tomb raider )

StormSnooper229d ago

Game pass is rivaled by PSNow

ImGumbyDammit228d ago

@StormSnooper2h If your internet was down and you couldn't download a game then GP the it would be a rival to that pile of crap PSNow. PSNow (with only 720p, 30fps max, lost fidelity, network issues) has a long way to go to be a competitor to anything.

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Kabaneri229d ago

House of Cards is gonna suck without Kevin Spacey...

Sam Fisher229d ago

They still continuing it?

blacktiger229d ago

Ikr, what is it now North Korea is bothering you for skittles?

frostypants228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

House of Cards got boring after season 2. Plenty of better shows on Netflix now.

FloydianAndroid229d ago

Too bad there’s no 4K blu Ray player..........

thisismyaccount229d ago

.. don´t fret. Sony and others have 4K players that are cheaper than an XB Slim. $199 for the UBpX700

nitus10229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

What has a 4K Bluray player to do with gaming?

I have had my PS4 for over two and a half years and have never once played a DVD or Bluray movie on it. Even my PS3 (2006) FAT model I have played less than ten movies on it and most of them were for my wife.

I won't deny that a 4K Bluray player is a value-added feature but I sort of use my gaming machines to well, play games so it would be a waste for me.

Gh05t229d ago

I hate to be that guy but the irony is just too good... what does "Netflix" have to do with gaming?

Araragifeels 229d ago

Who even used 4K Blu-ray player in this age? The future is now, old man.

StormSnooper229d ago

I haven’t even seen a 4kbluray disc at bestbuy before. Do people buy these things?

frostypants228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

I use a 4K player. It's awesome. But I don't really care that the PS4 lacks one. The One X can do it but it's a pretty sub-par player, relative to standalone ones. They had to cut costs somewhere.

ImGumbyDammit228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

Well, all you youngster love subpar quality. There is no other explanation. Streaming video at any level is a great deal worse than compared to the original material. 4K streaming is worse than plain old Blu-Ray (littered with artifacts, bland color, jiggies) You can't go from a 120GB file to a 20GB streamed and not lose a lot of important details. But, yeah let us pretend streaming is actually is of comparative quality. Maybe all you youngsters are blind from staring all day at your tiny phone screen and can't tell.

ImGumbyDammit228d ago

@frostypants I guess all those professional sites that have done deep dive comparisons have it wrong then. Sound & Vision compares it quite favorably to many standalone costs $400+. Surpassing some even. They even stated other than the slower startup cycle it held its own against Oppo. Yes, there was an issue when the X was first released but that was fixed with an update quite quickly.

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frostypants228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

Why would that matter with a digital Netflix subscription? Your concern makes no sense.

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rpvenom229d ago

Title is misleading af. It's only a three month trial just like their normal offerings to new sign ups.

Gaming_1st228d ago

Im sorry, but 98% of the time Netflix only allows 1 free month for trial.

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