Why Free Is Freakin’ Awesome

Video games are so common that the industry is giving them away. Here's why that is always a great thing!

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NickAwesome204d ago

Is not "free" you are paying a subscription, free is something that you don't pay anything for

Frinker204d ago

Exactly. Why do so many people fail to grasp this.

letsa_go204d ago

They aren't really free if I have to pay a subscription to keep them! If I stop paying, they go bye-bye.

Valkron1204d ago

Did they change Xbox Gold to where you lose the games when it expires? I thought when it started you still got to keep them

letsa_go204d ago

Pretty sure that is only for 360 games. Xbox one games you do lose.

Imalwaysright204d ago

Free? LMAO how can someone be this oblivious?

BioDead203d ago

Ellen Page should act role of Ellie for sure!!