The 5 ways old-school gaming was better than the modern era of gaming

MWEB GameZone writes: "We discuss the ways that old-school gaming was better than what we see now in the modern era. Can you think of any other ways gaming was better back in the day?"

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Sillicur236d ago

Really miss those sweet demo discs!

Brave_Losers_Unite236d ago

Those demo discs were nice but im sure massively producing them were bad for the environment and costly

Cmv38236d ago

Now we can just download demos and beta. I like that better.

dedicatedtogamers236d ago

Yeah! It especially made magazines a better purchase. Sometimes I would buy issues off the rack just because of the demo disc inside.

FallenAngel1984236d ago

When taking off nostalgia goggles I still prefer modern gaming to whatever era old school gaming is since that era seems to change with each passing year

Sillicur236d ago

I definitely prefer modern gaming as a whole too, but the point of this is basically the things that were better, not saying everything was better :)

FallenAngel1984236d ago (Edited 236d ago )

Yeah certain aspects of things will always be better at a certain point in time. However that point in time will also have flaws too

Relientk77236d ago (Edited 236d ago )

1. Complete games (no DLC/season passes)
2. Couch co-op/split screen multiplayer
3. Demo discs
4 . No microtransactions
5. No loot boxes
6. Instruction manuals
7. Cheat codes
8. No downloads, patches, or game installs

Sillicur236d ago

Going to the bathroom and spending way too much time there reading instruction manuals! Good times!

JackBNimble236d ago

That didn't actually make anything about gaming better and I say this as a teen from the 80's.
I am sure if gaming went back to the way it was 20 or 30 years ago, people would grow tired of it quickly.

GlitchedAfrica236d ago

Made it a whole lot better !!

JackBNimble236d ago

Obviously that's subjective because I truly prefer gaming today as apposed to years ago.

Brave_Losers_Unite236d ago

Some games had loot box type mechanisms. But only in the form in ingame currency and not being able to be purchased with real money for both ingame money and loot boxes

Cmv38236d ago

glitches that didn't hurt the game were great since they couldn't be patched

dedicatedtogamers236d ago (Edited 236d ago )

Great list.
I'd also add responsiveness vs. resolution/graphics.

This has much to do with the changeover from CRT to thin panels, and geez I do NOT miss the extreme weight of those tube TVs. But because of the technology (almost no input or scaling lag) gaming felt a lot more responsive. PC gamers have always cherished high frame rate and response, but for some reason the switch to HD made console gamers forget.

Even fancy converters like the OSSC or Framemeister don't fully compensate for the lag of modern panels (although they get close).

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