Belgium Says Loot Boxes In Games Like Overwatch Are Illegal

Loot boxes in FIFA 18, Overwatch, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are now illegal in Belgium, with the country’s legislators declaring today that if the games’ publishers don’t remove the offending microtransactions, people behind the games could face fines and even time behind bars.

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lociefer230d ago

Take a bow EA ,this is all your doing

lociefer230d ago

uuhh... maybe a funk you, as they made it worse and ended it lel

Relientk77229d ago

Good maybe loot boxes will become a thing of the past. Won't that be nice.

TheCommentator228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

Man, I hope that's true but it appears that there are specific criteria that can be worked around.

"The criteria the commission used to decide whether loot boxes constituted gambling were whether there was a game element involved, whether a bet could lead to profit or loss, and whether it was based on chance rather than skill."

At a bare minimum there will just be more microtransactions to replace the loot boxes, so choose your poison...

quent226d ago

I guess no free money in Belgium for EA, hope more countries follow suite, if EA can only survive on selling fifa mt's to minors they deserve to die off into obscurity so hopefully it will lite a fire up they're ass and get them to be a proper games publisher once again