Nintendo E3 2018 Rumor: Booth To Be 'Super Smash Bros.' and 'Pokemon' Themed

Newsweek writes: "A new rumor suggests that Nintendo’s E3 2018 booth will be themed after “Super Smash Bros.” and “Pokémon.” It also confirms some returning characters for the new “Smash Bros.” game for Switch."

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eagle21230d ago

If this is true, Nintendo's booth will be packed like crazy with gamer's.

PhoenixUp229d ago

The thumbnail reminds me of something humorous.

Following the Inkling/Switch game teaser, fans noticed an amusing progression with a few introduction trailers since Smash 4: Villager was peacefully invited by letter, Duck Hunt joined in the fight when all the veterans showed up in their game for a challenge, but the Inklings were approached with the fighters framed in darkness in front of a ridiculously ominous and dramatic Smash logo on fire. Cue interpretations that Smash's cast has been forcing new franchises to join the fight, and have been slowly resorting to increasingly violent methods of coercion.