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God of War is one of PlayStation 4's most wonderful exclusive games, and undoubtedly one of the great games of the generation so far.

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xXxSeTTriPxXx232d ago

One of the greatest of all time imo

AspiringProGenji232d ago

Pretty much. Loving the boss fights so far. Just beat a Valkirye that kicked my ass big time. Also beat the brothers... I’m also enjoying the exploration a lot. Good work SSM. The more I play this game the more I see why it’s gotten so much 10s

Eidolon232d ago

I can't help but explore, my brother is doing mostly story and is way ahead of me, but way behind on the lore and side stories.

Eidolon232d ago

They all feel like the main mission. lol

Cyborgg232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

The Valkeries gets harder and harder. I'm having trouble with the last two. It feels like a Bloodborne boss fight

Eidolon232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

Yeah, some side/later stuff is ridiculous. I have tried certain TEARS like 10-15 times because I was probably under powered and inexperience, maybe inpatient.. so yeah like Souls. This is on Balanced. XD

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Killlacrusade232d ago

(Spoiler) 75% through the game
It's kinda hard to say 75% because you can access one much earlier In one of those many realms, but what helps Immensely are those 25% damage reduction modifications, can only have 2 but they proc when you've sustained damage while casting rune abilities.

Seriously change things up, Buddy on my FL just stuck with his default axe runes, was like o_O Try different runes man :(

Mix/Match - I suck massively when It came to them lunge grabbing me, everything else I had down, Fights that had some additional enemies ? Went with rage modifications reducing the amount of rage spent, talismans work great too.

Play the way you want, and the difficulty you want, Enjoy.