Overwatch, CS:GO, FIFA Could Be Banned in Belgium Over Loot Boxes

Blizzard, EA and Valve could face serious fines, prison time, and the complete banning of their titles that feature loot boxes in Belgium. This is the latest in a series of moves from governments around the world.

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Swiftfox235d ago

Do be careful reading through this piece. The translation is a bit rough and this leads to what can be interpreted as a bias for lootboxes. Also, the piece mentions Star Wars Battefront 2's lootboxes returning which isn't true. Lootboxes are microtransactions but no all microtransactions are lootboxes.

The Netherlands recently did a study of the various types of lootbox and found there to be a deep grey area in terms of severity based on what type of lootbox it is which leads to legislation. Belgium just seems to be in that "all or nothing" extreme.

I do have my doubts about legislation being passed in the USA, however. I could see Valve, EA, and Activision Blizzard buying up an army of lobbiest to guarantee things stay the way they are or makes things easier for these big companies in the future.

UCForce235d ago

See ? If publishers push too far with MT and loot boxes of their greedy antics, they will face consequences. They need to back off with their greedy antics or they will be forced to legislation by the government . Thank to Battlefront 2 fiasco, publishers got caught by government.

TheColbertinator235d ago

Government increasing oversight. Incomplete and broken games. Greedy publishers that dont respect gamers. Online only DRM checkpoints by the minute.

These publishers and execs have no one to blame but themselves.

InTheZoneAC235d ago

I saw this yesterday, good news for gamers. We'll see if publishers only omit them in banned areas since they don't have a gambling license or will they be consistent and fair and make the game the same across the world.

The devs/publishers are about to be hit hard again from backlash if they decide to only omit them from regions where they can get fined. And the esrb will once again be exposed for the frauds they are.