Where Are All the Great Gaming Stories?

Video games are all about the stories they tell, but what happens when they just become... forgettable? Are the good ole' days gone forever? We seriously hope not.

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isarai231d ago

Video games are not "all about the story they tell" they're about making a solid/enjoyable experience, and if anything stories in games have gotten better. That being said, it's OK if a game just wants to focus on being fun, i mean look a just cause 3, all i know is there was a bad guy whole was mining some stuff to destroy the thing, yet i still plunged like 100hrs into that game DLC included and have many memories of crazy things that happened like accidentally taking over an entire outpost by collapsing a single giant antenna onto it causing crazy havoc and chain reactions that just killed/destroyed everything in there, it was AWESOME!

Meanwhile i'll never forget the time i discovered you could talk to Rost which i did right before a late story big moment, catching him up on all the crazy shit that went down, taking a trip down memory lane ending it by saying something like "and now i'm on my way to do this crazy thing to save the world, i'll be back to tell you how it goes" it was a really touching moment

GamesMaster1982231d ago

Question: Where are all the great gaming stories. Answer: PS4. Your welcome.

StormSnooper230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

Right? It’s like the article was written in a alternate universe. We just had God of War released. Is this guy that out of touch or is he just playing dumb?

April_Marie230d ago

Neither! As I explained in the article, I've just been in a bit of a backlog funk. Getting through as many as I can has led to a bit of a "everything's a blur" forgettable phase. Was hoping the article would serve as a starting point to others sharing similar stories if they wanted.

Thanks for reading it! :)

yellowgerbil230d ago

plumber jumps on goomba and saves princess
plumber throws hat at trex and becomes a dinosaur
I'd say narrative in games has improved over the past 30 years.

Asuka230d ago

You want a recent title with unforgettable story? Play Nier: Automata or Xenoblade 2. Both of those games are amazing and would recommend to anyone remotely interested. You cannot tell me that Nier Automata's story is forgettable if you played through ending [E].

ImportGamer3004230d ago

NieR:Automata as a whole has a far more memorable story than the joke titled Final Fantasy XV

Prince_TFK230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

I don’t know man...I kindda love FFXV. Beside the freaking boring and repetitive and ridiculous sidequests, I find the game to be very relaxing and the story to be tolerable and somewhat very interesting in some chapters.

nommers230d ago

Another insecure FFXV drive by

April_Marie230d ago

NieR: Automata is ready and waiting for me! It's my next big title that I'm super looking forward to tackling.

nommers229d ago

Easily the best and most memorable story of the last two gens

Moonman230d ago

Let's all try and keep our comments SPOILER FREE ok? ;p

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The story is too old to be commented.