Wait, Did God of War Just Drop a Big Hint About Future Game Locations?

Twinfinite writes "It's safe to say the transition to Norse mythology has been a resounding success for God of War. Yet we can’t help but wonder where the series might go in the future, and we think one scene in the game might actually provide one almighty great clue."

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zcmilano87d ago

I'd love to see a Celtic one that was based in Scotland.. maybe even traveling to the Faroe islands for a bit of crossover with Norse.

bigmalky87d ago

(MINOR SPOILER) skip past quick if you havent played!

Mimir maybe counts as a clue for that one...

It even has a little backstory about similar goings on in what I assume would be pictish era Scotland with their gods.

That's probably PS6 or 7 material though, as we still have two follow ups to this one to come.

Ceaser985736187d ago

The devs said they gonna stay in Norse for a while because they have so many things to say and know how to proceed.

madhouse0287d ago

Bored of Egypt after Origins :P

Eonjay87d ago

What about Christianity? Because Kratos would totally wreck that methos. It would probably be too much for people to handle to see Jesus getting his face smashed in though.

Stanjara87d ago

I laughed so hard at this...imagine last supper Jesus holding a cup and Kratos busting the door with is axe yelling: Where is it?

alstruck87d ago

Kratos wont do that, he only kicks ass in polytheism worlds.. He is a pro abrahamic monotheism fella lol

TekoIie87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

If we go to Egypt I'll start getting a big AoM vibe lol.

rainslacker87d ago

Eh, Kratos fighting the Egyptian Gods would probably be pretty epic. There are tons of them, and I suppose Christopher Judge would be comfortable in that part.:)

Either that or the hindu gods....but they aren't exactly violent or vindictive.


I can't see Christianity. It's not exactly chocked full of various Gods to fight. On top of that, the premise of what a God is is much different than what you see in the mythologies. Plus...yeah, people would go ape-sh*t if Kratos were to actually fight the Christian God.

generic-user-name86d ago

Killing the Christian god would no doubt be praised as a brave move by the media. Islam on the other hand would probably get their offices attacked.

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gamerpop87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

Interesting. Very well spotted. I hope it goes Celtic. I like the whole mystery of Northern Europe.

rainslacker87d ago

Celtic borrows a lot from Norse mythology. It may be redundant. Plus, Celtic Gods tend to be more spiritual and entwined with the nature of what makes the world what it is, more than it has any kind of specific structure like you see in Norse or Greek mythology.

jorellpogi87d ago

GOW 4,5,6 Norse
GOW 7,8,9 Egyptian

It can be deduced that God of War story is laid out in the next 15 to 20 years.

Araragifeels 87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

GOW 10,11,12 Japanese*

alstruck87d ago

When I think Japanese Gods, I think about Beerus from DB Super..

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The story is too old to be commented.