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Gears of War 2 Torrent Uncovered

Xboxer360.com reports thats a Gears of War 2 Torrent has been uncovered in the murky underworld of file-sharing websites. (Gears of War 2, Xbox 360)

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida  +   2546d ago
Excellent.I will illegally download this onto my stolen modified 360 at once to bask in the drab single player "story"
acheashadow  +   2546d ago
And maybe you can invite a friend (if u have any) to play splitscreen!!
Lord Shuhei Yoshida  +   2546d ago
No I have no reason to share the pain of a crappy game with another innocent soul
Ps3Fanboy777  +   2546d ago
One must understand the 360 has been hacked and is being hacked
To fully understand this we must look back, way back. Around 2005 when the 360 was being made there was concern over this same matter. Therefore Microsoft must react like fast ninjas, Ninja Gaiden Ninjas, or something fast... Anyway if they do not fix this issue we will all be doomed into free games, yes free games. However with these so called free games there comes a price... A free price. But the real point is that it is illegal to download or make unauthorized copies of said IP. If you do make unauthorized duplications of extraordinary, juice like a straw..berry... you could end up facing fines, jail time, etc.. Although if you go to the right jail you could probably get a ps2 in that mug and really just go at it with the old school games.

Seriously though they need to get on this fast. ASAP. As in right now OR ELSE!
acheashadow  +   2546d ago
Piracy will always exist but the limitations are no online play and not being able to show your achievements off online. Microsoft are bringing the ban hammer down again on the 19th Nov with the NXE Update
theKiller  +   2545d ago
if i had a 360
i would be downloading it now!!

cool, play a not so bad game for the price of DVD9!!
A7mmud  +   2546d ago
Shhhhhhhh, don't tell Cliff Bleszinski. Because he's definitely gonna smash his Xbox XD
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steve30x  +   2546d ago
HAHAHAHAHA Cliffy B look at the non pirate XBOX360 now
IzKyD1331  +   2546d ago
"Shhhhhhhh, don't tell Cliff Bleszinski. Because he's definitely gonna smash his Xbox XD"

it was already broken :D
vhero  +   2546d ago
even though its easy to pirate the 360 this isnt on any torrent site yet this story is totally fake. The torrent shared was fake..
Lyan  +   2546d ago
Eh, this is a baited article. Every GeoW2 torrent that is available right now is fake. There are a few that show many downloads, but peer review seems to show that every one is just a fake. It's not like this doesn't happen with many other games too. A little verification, instead of hear-say, goes a long way in journalism.
Transporter47  +   2545d ago
look carefully you'll find it
when a game is leaked it gets out, just like Fallout 3 Xbox360, Fable 2 Xbox360, and uhm GoW2 Xbox360
Fishy Fingers  +   2546d ago
Well I can see now why Epic are against releasing it on PC for fear of piracy...

Of course the 360 piracy is not as widespread as the PC but this wont be appreciated by the team at Epic. At least the site don't offer a link directly to the torrent but really, how hard will it be to find, especially now the news is being broadcast.
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acheashadow  +   2546d ago
The thing with Xbox piracy is you cant play the games online and I can gaurentee that at least 90% of people who buy gears is purely for Multiplayer.
steve30x  +   2546d ago
You cant play online until the game is released. Also to avoid being caught you need to keep your Xbox 360 unplugged from the internet until its released and then trick the Xbox 360 into thinking you didnt get the rewards until after the games release. I havent done this but Ive read about how to do this.
ChampIDC  +   2546d ago
Yeah, you're missing out on a ton of the game without the multiplayer. If someone wants to miss out on that, they probably wouldn't have bought it in the first place.
steve30x  +   2546d ago
I very rarely play online. I much rather play splitscreen racing or offline with any other game.
solidt12  +   2546d ago
Hmm, If piracy get too bad on the Xbox 360 I could see people just modding there 360 for single player games and getting a PS3 for games that go online. Im just saying. Look how things went on the original Xbox. That thing was mod heaven.
MiloGarret  +   2546d ago
Look at pirate bay, Torrents/Games/xbox360---> Far Cry 2(!!), Fallout 3, and PES2009 are all available for download, well before their release dates. That GeoW2 would be there together with them (not yet on PB) is no surprise at all.
mpmaley  +   2546d ago
Why do so many people think you can't play torrented 360 games online?

Tell that to the 4 people I work with. All got their 360s modded and all download/burn and play the games online over Live. They've done this for over a year.
FantasyStar  +   2546d ago
mpmaley, your friends suck. They work, they have the money to pay for games, yet they still choose to pirate. That's what gives the scene a bad rep. -cheap people like them. No offense.
ChampIDC  +   2546d ago
One thing I still can't understand is why Piratebay is still even around. You think a site like that would be shut down already.
mindedone  +   2546d ago
why is it assumed that when people have a job they have money?
Man, I work, and I'm broke as h311 man...
vhero  +   2546d ago
you can play games online b4 launch as they cant ban you as they dont know if its a pirate or you managed to get a copy early like that guy with gears who streaming his vid on the web.
TheDude2dot0  +   2546d ago
You can't just shut down PB like that. It takes a long amount of paperwork, and even then there is probably some BS law that protects them.
DarkArima  +   2546d ago
bet you I can find it in 3mins
WitWolfy  +   2546d ago
well i thin epic allready shut down that torrent ages ago and plus i dont see why somebody would want to pirate this awesome game anyways
ChampIDC  +   2546d ago
Pirates always have a reason to pirate the game. There's not a whole lot that can be done about it with how many pirates there are out there.
Transporter47  +   2545d ago
who doesn't like pirates?
seriously they are tight and they go Ahrrr lol

but yea piracy will never end, because you can't break the cycle no matter how hard you try, because back in the day when the internet was unavailable to most people, their was always piracy of movies on video tapes and music tapes and so go on it is impossible eventually they will pirate the ps3 just like everything but till then ps3 is 100% more safer than Xbox360 ever was
Tone  +   2546d ago
I have read that every gears 2 release on them kind of sites have all been fake! hahahahahaha ... that makes me smile! :D
Fishy Fingers  +   2546d ago
Sadly, you heard wrong. 5 minutes of looking and I found several torrents, all with comments saying it works.

Let's be fair, we know people have managed to get copies early, as soon as that happens they're readily available on torrent sites.
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acheashadow  +   2546d ago
That may be true but there IS a torrent around I have seen it... someoen was actually playing the cracked version live on a tv streaming website last week. I turned it off when I see he was playing campaign and I hate spoilers!!!
ChampIDC  +   2546d ago
If you're talking about the stream that was posted here last week, that wasn't a cracked version.

Edit: Just wanted to be sure you weren't misinformed :)
I hate spoilers too. I've been avoiding watching any early gameplay from cracked versions except maybe some multiplayer.
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acheashadow  +   2546d ago
Nah it wasn't the one on here - good spot though!
CertifiedGamer  +   2546d ago
tone are you lod
just asking
Raoh  +   2546d ago
its becoming more and more widespead..

a few 360 sales are because with the hack they never have to buy games.. its like the dreamcast all over again...

i used to have a spindle full of dreamcast games i downloaded.
acheashadow  +   2546d ago
Walk the blank you pirate!
RAF-TECH  +   2546d ago
what about the PS2?
modded like craazzzzzzzy
ChampIDC  +   2546d ago
The PS2 and Xbox were definitely full of piracy, but I don't think they compare to Dreamcast. You didn't even have to mod eary Dreamcasts to pirate games.
Mr PS3  +   2546d ago
This is what the Xbox360 fanbase is all about
A Bunch of Lowlife's who want things on the Cheap(thats why they bought an Xbox)
And if the cant get it on the cheap
They Steal it
And To be honest from what i've seen
This Game Queers of Bore aint even worth Downloading illegal for Free
Just goes to show What a Desperate Breed the Bots are !!
Shame on you Bots
Agent002  +   2546d ago
ifhd  +   2546d ago
NOW Cliffy B can we have it on PC
NOW Cliffy B can we have it on PC
acheashadow  +   2546d ago
No lol - The amount of priacy around the Xbox is only a tiny fraction of piracy on the PC. Although gears 1 was never planned for the PC it is indeed possible gears 2 might hit the PC sometime in the future - just for more cash :p
badz149  +   2546d ago
"The amount of priacy around the Xbox is only a tiny fraction of piracy on the PC"

I bet you can't say that if you've already been to my place or in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong etc. even in Australia I've met people selling pirated PC, PS2, 360 and Wii games at certain PC market if you know where to find them! piracy on 360 lesser than PC? nah...more like the same to me! over here, all 360 being sold are pre-modded! the same goes to PS2, PSP and Wii! you buy a console, you'll get at least 5 free games - pirated one of course!
LeGenDx  +   2546d ago
goddam pirates
villevalorox  +   2546d ago
this is the end of xbox! Not only are they being pirated but really early. LOL. no developer is going to make an exclusive title so it can just be downloaded off the net. they are going to have to make their money somewhere. (ps3). wow. 3 major titles in the past week. lol
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steve30x  +   2546d ago
Actually more Exclusives are being moved to Xbox360 more than ever because its easier to write games for. But as the more Pirate game go to Xbox360 you will see less Exclusives being done for the Xbox360. But the PS3 will be hacked some time.
mpmaley  +   2546d ago
Count the number of DVD burners out there and then count the number of Blu-ray burners out there.
ChampIDC  +   2546d ago
Don't forget that you need a modded system to pirate games as well. It's much more difficult to pirate a 360 game than a PC game. I don't think it can be called a rampant problem yet. I do expect it to get gradually worse, though.
Kushan  +   2545d ago
Just because the console is easier to pirate doesn't mean publishers and developers will stop doing exclusives for it.

Factor in the following things:

The number of 360's out there minus the number of 360's pirating games out there over the number of PS3's out there. There may be a lot of 360 pirating, but you'll still be left with more legit 360's than PS3's simply because the userbase is that much bigger, currently. Plus it's also currently selling better than the PS3.

Now, factor in the attach rate of both consoles. The 360 is on something daft like 8.1, while Sony is on something like 4 or 5. This means that even if there were the same number of consoles out there, the 360 would still be selling more games - this is what they'll care about, how many games they're SELLING.

And finally, development costs. It's so much cheaper to make a 360 game than a PS3 game. The development kits, the software, it's cheaper than the PS3's, plus because it's easier to make a 360 game, you pay less costs for programmers and such.

This is why the PS3 is loosing so many exclusives, because it's simple business sense - it's cheaper to make a 360 game AND you'll sell more units on it. That's not changing any time soon, even with the (what looks like) ludicrous piracy.
gambare  +   2546d ago
So, this is why many people want MGS4 on 360, they don't want to buy it, they want to pirate it?
ChampIDC  +   2546d ago
I don't think that's true, but it'll surely be pirated.
sackboy says hi  +   2546d ago
what will the gaming industry be without piracy... :)

it will be so BORING.. ;-D


from sackboy ;-D
steve30x  +   2546d ago
I dont because the DRM is getting worse. I want my LEGIT game to be playable without that annoying DRM.
Silvia007  +   2546d ago
Then download it =P
Seriously, it's an endless loop, people download because of DRM, DRM gets stronger because of downloads... of course pirates set that in motion but as of right now... it's going to be a rough road for those who played it nice. Stop being nice and honest because in this world, you'll always end up last.
#13.2 (Edited 2546d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Nineball2112  +   2546d ago
Silvia007 posted: "Stop being nice and honest because in this world, you'll always end up last. "

Wow... words of wisdom there. /sarc *shakes head*
outlawlife  +   2546d ago
funny thing is i bought spore, but then i downloaded a cracked version because the drm really agitated me but that is the only game i've ahd to do that for so far because i don't play many new PC games

i don't agree with pirating games or anything for that matter, i used to pirate everything when i was a teenager but i've grown out of it and grown a bit wiser i suppose

from my experience the pirate game just isn't as fun, i enjoy the excitement of going and picking up a game on release with a couple of my friends instead of sitting in front of my torrent client

the people who pirate, especially before the actual release are very little more than scum, they just think they will get some recognition or internet cred for having the game early
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Ren  +   2545d ago
I be a bloody pirate and iz already havez fallout 3(crappy game)if haz bought it i haz been mighty disappointed.

In all seriousness i usually only pirate games that im thinking about buying and dont have demos.

I got FO3 because i was thinking about buying it but after playing it i changed my mind.
RAF-TECH  +   2546d ago
Piracy is more difficult now
then it was last gen.

The PS2 and the X-box were modded like crazy worldwide.
but really..

It makes the games have less value.... seriously..
maybe it's the mentality of... "it's a free game"
ChampIDC  +   2546d ago
It just annoys me to no end that pirates don't realize(or care for that matter) that less profit = less chance of a sequel. It'll obviously be fine in the end with a franchise as big as Gears, but lower budget, less popular games can really be affected by piracy.
brett2134   2546d ago | Spam
Bolts  +   2546d ago
Yay! Free Gears of War 2.
It'll be like a demo, but only with more content!! Its too late now Epic, this torrent will spread like wildfire and its impossible to stop. This wouldn't happen to Bluray games...I haven't found any MGS4 torrents...yet.
wetowel  +   2546d ago
downloading torrent now :) I got Gears 2, Fallout3 and FarCry2 soon to be mine! God I love free games.
ifhd  +   2545d ago
if MGS4 get ported to the xbox you will find it
Irving  +   2546d ago
Its not on the torrents, those files saying Gears 2 are fake. The guy who wrote that news obviously has no idea. The leak hits Usenet, always, before it hits other P2P channels, and its not on the Usenet.
Bolts  +   2546d ago
There's a crap load of fake files on torrents. A ton of Fallout 3 links are fake. But that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. The only problem is getting the damn thing to work after you download it once you have the real thing.

Oh, another thing. Pirated 360 games are not new. Shocker!
#17.1 (Edited 2546d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
acheashadow  +   2546d ago
You obviously have no clue mate.. I wrote that article and it is available on torrent... im obviously not going to tell you where because thats illegal.. your probably just a noob that thinks EVERYTHING is on piratebay
Irving  +   2546d ago
You must be new to this stuff. I don't go to torrent sites, a lot of sh!t goes on there. I have Usenet subscription and know when stuff gets leaked before n00bs go bonkers when something pops up on torrents.

Oh, and Far Cry 2 has been on Usenet for last two days, long before it showed up on Piratebay, or whatever website that's big in your torrent world.
#17.3 (Edited 2546d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
BrownPowerzz  +   2541d ago
"Oh, and Far Cry 2 has been on Usenet for last two days..."
Thats nothing... Far Cry 2 has been on the torrent-trackers for about a week now! SO much for your Usenet then, Irving! ;)
jaffa_cake  +   2546d ago
A guy i know has this already since yesterday morning is it any good YES but does it push any new ground no.
A few nice touches but graphics are so brown, its a great game but just lacks that sumthing. if your ra fan a must buy everyone else your best bets fallout 3 or far cry 2
if i gav it a mark 7.9/10
z1ck  +   2546d ago
fable 2 was also leaked
Crazywhitie  +   2546d ago
this game can be download 1million times and it will still sale for 5+ million
villevalorox  +   2546d ago
ok even if. thats some odd million they are missing out on to make the next game better.
#20.1 (Edited 2546d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
running rampid  +   2546d ago
pirates. but this still won't stop this game from selling monumentaly well. i mean, take a look around, almost every game has been pirated, but that didn't stop them from selling.
FantasyStar  +   2546d ago
Gears 2 Torrent = ONE LARGE TROJAN
Oh, man that would be ****ing hilarious!
SH3MRON  +   2546d ago
Why ppl say you can't play pirated gamed online?
As a fact on the X360 you can play any copied game online and they work just like the original, but you can't play the games before their lunch date or you will get banned. That is the major problem of the 360. MS tried to stop them about 2 years ago when they released a patch and banned a lot of players, but they made a stealth patch so that the servers would not know if the game is original or copied. But lets hope they end this with the NXE or at least control it.
#23 (Edited 2546d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
MRMagoo123  +   2546d ago
God another game is there nothing they can do to stop this lol I might get a 360 just so i can rip off ms developers.Better yet i can steal a 360 and never pay money for a game on it ever all free.Im joking theres nothing on the 360 worth stealing so i dont think i will.
J8M7G  +   2546d ago
Something else Kinda leaked
Call of duty:WAW Beta
MK_Red  +   2546d ago
WTF!? What is it with recent games being leaked and pirated before their release? First Fallout 3, then FarCry2 and now this!?
zephyra  +   2546d ago
not again!
titntin  +   2546d ago
It's just a fake. Again.

Whenever theres an anticipated title like this, theres often a few fake releases before the real release comes. There's not a genuine release of GOW2 yet.

Saints Row 2 was two weeks ago, Fall Out 3 was a few days ago, and Far Cry 2 was this morning. But a genuine GOW2 is not there yet. But it will be.

Piracy is an issue with nearly all machines (except for PS3), but fortunately its difficult enougfh to do that the majority of owners haven't hacked their machines, and will actually purchase the games.
A well made title like this deseeves to make plenty of cah - and will. :)
Irving  +   2546d ago
Apparently the writer is sure that its a genuine copy. You can't help but laugh at these n00b who'll probably download and run it, and realize their mistake in their next credit card bill ;)
BrownPowerzz  +   2541d ago
@ Irving
Seriously man, you don't know sh1t about what you are talking about.. please STFU! No offense...
Dawn_Of_Ashes  +   2546d ago
Cliffy B = owned
J@D  +   2546d ago
Too bad for him... Cliffy B, poor guy :(

My brother its download it on this right moment the torrent... that bastard its taking my Internet Connection to download THAT thing >__>
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