Gears of War 2 Torrent Uncovered reports thats a Gears of War 2 Torrent has been uncovered in the murky underworld of file-sharing websites.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3263d ago

Excellent.I will illegally download this onto my stolen modified 360 at once to bask in the drab single player "story"

acheashadow3263d ago

And maybe you can invite a friend (if u have any) to play splitscreen!!

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3263d ago

No I have no reason to share the pain of a crappy game with another innocent soul

Ps3Fanboy7773263d ago

To fully understand this we must look back, way back. Around 2005 when the 360 was being made there was concern over this same matter. Therefore Microsoft must react like fast ninjas, Ninja Gaiden Ninjas, or something fast... Anyway if they do not fix this issue we will all be doomed into free games, yes free games. However with these so called free games there comes a price... A free price. But the real point is that it is illegal to download or make unauthorized copies of said IP. If you do make unauthorized duplications of extraordinary, juice like a straw..berry... you could end up facing fines, jail time, etc.. Although if you go to the right jail you could probably get a ps2 in that mug and really just go at it with the old school games.

Seriously though they need to get on this fast. ASAP. As in right now OR ELSE!

acheashadow3263d ago

Piracy will always exist but the limitations are no online play and not being able to show your achievements off online. Microsoft are bringing the ban hammer down again on the 19th Nov with the NXE Update

theKiller3262d ago

i would be downloading it now!!

cool, play a not so bad game for the price of DVD9!!

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A7mmud3263d ago (Edited 3263d ago )

Shhhhhhhh, don't tell Cliff Bleszinski. Because he's definitely gonna smash his Xbox XD

steve30x3263d ago

HAHAHAHAHA Cliffy B look at the non pirate XBOX360 now

IzKyD13313263d ago

"Shhhhhhhh, don't tell Cliff Bleszinski. Because he's definitely gonna smash his Xbox XD"

it was already broken :D

vhero3263d ago

even though its easy to pirate the 360 this isnt on any torrent site yet this story is totally fake. The torrent shared was fake..

Lyan3263d ago

Eh, this is a baited article. Every GeoW2 torrent that is available right now is fake. There are a few that show many downloads, but peer review seems to show that every one is just a fake. It's not like this doesn't happen with many other games too. A little verification, instead of hear-say, goes a long way in journalism.

Transporter473262d ago

when a game is leaked it gets out, just like Fallout 3 Xbox360, Fable 2 Xbox360, and uhm GoW2 Xbox360

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Fishy Fingers3263d ago (Edited 3263d ago )

Well I can see now why Epic are against releasing it on PC for fear of piracy...

Of course the 360 piracy is not as widespread as the PC but this wont be appreciated by the team at Epic. At least the site don't offer a link directly to the torrent but really, how hard will it be to find, especially now the news is being broadcast.

acheashadow3263d ago

The thing with Xbox piracy is you cant play the games online and I can gaurentee that at least 90% of people who buy gears is purely for Multiplayer.

steve30x3263d ago

You cant play online until the game is released. Also to avoid being caught you need to keep your Xbox 360 unplugged from the internet until its released and then trick the Xbox 360 into thinking you didnt get the rewards until after the games release. I havent done this but Ive read about how to do this.

ChampIDC3263d ago

Yeah, you're missing out on a ton of the game without the multiplayer. If someone wants to miss out on that, they probably wouldn't have bought it in the first place.

steve30x3263d ago

I very rarely play online. I much rather play splitscreen racing or offline with any other game.

solidt123263d ago

Hmm, If piracy get too bad on the Xbox 360 I could see people just modding there 360 for single player games and getting a PS3 for games that go online. Im just saying. Look how things went on the original Xbox. That thing was mod heaven.

MiloGarret3263d ago

Look at pirate bay, Torrents/Games/xbox360---> Far Cry 2(!!), Fallout 3, and PES2009 are all available for download, well before their release dates. That GeoW2 would be there together with them (not yet on PB) is no surprise at all.

mpmaley3263d ago

Why do so many people think you can't play torrented 360 games online?

Tell that to the 4 people I work with. All got their 360s modded and all download/burn and play the games online over Live. They've done this for over a year.

FantasyStar3263d ago

mpmaley, your friends suck. They work, they have the money to pay for games, yet they still choose to pirate. That's what gives the scene a bad rep. -cheap people like them. No offense.

ChampIDC3263d ago

One thing I still can't understand is why Piratebay is still even around. You think a site like that would be shut down already.

mindedone3263d ago

Man, I work, and I'm broke as h311 man...

vhero3263d ago

you can play games online b4 launch as they cant ban you as they dont know if its a pirate or you managed to get a copy early like that guy with gears who streaming his vid on the web.

TheDude2dot03263d ago

You can't just shut down PB like that. It takes a long amount of paperwork, and even then there is probably some BS law that protects them.

DarkArima3263d ago

bet you I can find it in 3mins

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WitWolfy3263d ago

well i thin epic allready shut down that torrent ages ago and plus i dont see why somebody would want to pirate this awesome game anyways

ChampIDC3263d ago

Pirates always have a reason to pirate the game. There's not a whole lot that can be done about it with how many pirates there are out there.

Transporter473262d ago

seriously they are tight and they go Ahrrr lol

but yea piracy will never end, because you can't break the cycle no matter how hard you try, because back in the day when the internet was unavailable to most people, their was always piracy of movies on video tapes and music tapes and so go on it is impossible eventually they will pirate the ps3 just like everything but till then ps3 is 100% more safer than Xbox360 ever was

Tone3263d ago

I have read that every gears 2 release on them kind of sites have all been fake! hahahahahaha ... that makes me smile! :D

Fishy Fingers3263d ago (Edited 3263d ago )

Sadly, you heard wrong. 5 minutes of looking and I found several torrents, all with comments saying it works.

Let's be fair, we know people have managed to get copies early, as soon as that happens they're readily available on torrent sites.

acheashadow3263d ago

That may be true but there IS a torrent around I have seen it... someoen was actually playing the cracked version live on a tv streaming website last week. I turned it off when I see he was playing campaign and I hate spoilers!!!

ChampIDC3263d ago (Edited 3263d ago )

If you're talking about the stream that was posted here last week, that wasn't a cracked version.

Edit: Just wanted to be sure you weren't misinformed :)
I hate spoilers too. I've been avoiding watching any early gameplay from cracked versions except maybe some multiplayer.