Press Start: God of War’s single-shot camera takes the game to the next level

It’s the decision to not interrupt the experience with even a single camera cut that really ties it all together and solidifies God of War as the artistic and cinematic epic it is, Gazette gaming columnist Jake Magee writes.

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UCForce230d ago

It’s a challenge one. Few movies and games use this single shot technique.

Goldby230d ago

to date, only 25 films have true 1shot cameras.

alot , including birdman, are edited to appear as 1 shots to reduce cost of reshoots

AnnaDea230d ago

I was floored by the movie The Russian Ark which was in one true continous take.

Septic230d ago

There are 6 or 7 times that GoW uses some tricks too to maintain the one shot but still it's admirable.

It may not work for all games but it works well with GoW as the focus is almost always on Kratos and to a lesser extent, Atreus.

kevnb230d ago

Using that logic the claim that god of war is a single shot makes no seNse at all, the graphics are rendered not filmed. Anytime the payer is in control atleast some elements are dynamic and it isn’t like the voice actors did it all in one continuous take. There are several games that do the same as god of war, but usually without a bunch of cut scenes.

Goldby230d ago


There are no hard cuts or loading outside of dying. It's aSingle shot game. First of its kind

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pramath1605230d ago

Completely disagree. The game is incredible, but the single shot camera constrained it in every regard more than it helped it. I hope they do not bring it back in a sequel.

TKCMuzzer230d ago

I disagree, its very clever and very well impented. In fact its so good, you completely forget about it as it is part of the structure, that says how good it is.
I have feeling your going to be in a very, very small minority.

meka2611230d ago

Feel the same and also it's not one continuous shot. Maybe during most gameplay, but not the whole game. And it's actually nothing special, actually makes it easier on the dev since they know what you can and can't see. Not sure why this is praised.

UCForce230d ago

Well, because one shot continues have to keep tracking the character movement and give other more screen times. To make sure it isn’t shaking. Add more immersive to the game.

UCForce230d ago

I think they will keep it because it paid off.

rainslacker230d ago

How exactly was anything constrained by the single shot approach? As far as I can tell, the game offered up a way to do things that you'd expect to see in a open world game, and the narrative doesn't seem hindered by it.

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Gamist2dot0230d ago

The game is so brutal and epic, I had a hard time noticing...except for the slow scenes.

Jinger230d ago

I don't even notice it tbh.

Critic4l_Strik3230d ago

It is so well implemented that I forgot it was a one shot camera all the time. It is that good.

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The story is too old to be commented.