Developer Criticizes Gamers For 'Being Complete F**king A**holes Online'

A Devolver Digital developer didn't mince words when it came to criticizing the online behavior of gamers that insult or troll game developers.

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Heelix233d ago

I know devs are suppose to stay professional not matter what but

they're also human

They're going to lose it from time to time

morganfell233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

I agree...however...when you go to the source this seemed to be a fairly laid back interview. It doesn't come across as a spur of the moment remark.


One of the things that makes some members of the online game community the "a**holes" Wilson describes is they generalize people...which is exactly what he has done in lumping together the entire game community and ascribing a characteristic. I agree some gamers can be jerks to hard working developers but everyone?

He also states this referring to twitter, "'s pretty hardcore for a sensitive person." How about you stay off twitter or find a different profession? Or pull up your pants and grow some skin.

ShottyatLaw232d ago

Nah, I think the better solution is for people to stop acting like assholes.

Find another profession? Really?

232d ago
morganfell232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

"Nah, I think the better solution is for people to stop acting like assholes. "

Sorry, I live in the real world and that won't happen. Adapt or die.


Spot on.

AAWELLS09232d ago

Only reason you would have this stance is because you ARE one of these people this dev is speaking about. There's some horrible people out there who only wanna tear other people down.

morganfell232d ago

"Only reason you would have this stance is because you ARE one of these people..."

What an erred supposition. Unlike you I live in the real world and understand if you want to be a developer, grow some thick skin because some gamers, not all - I didn't pour everyone into a single pot - some gamers are jerks. Fact. They are never going away and dealing with these jerks as a dev is the price of doing business. Fact. I do not live in fantasy land. Fact. If you can't stand the temperament of some of these moron gamers then get a different job because they are as constant as the northern star (yeah I worked in Shakespeare). Fact. What is your solution, throw flowers and drink coffee at Starbucks so you can make the world a better place? Won't change squat. Fact.

ShottyatLaw231d ago

The reason devs group gamers together in these types of outbursts is because too many of us are complacent in letting the assholes run wild.

Human nature doesn't mean people are designed to be a little prick on social media. If we collectively can't solve that problem, then we're doomed as a species.

The whole "deal with it" attitude is bullshit. Grow some thicker skin and stop letting these types of people represent our community.

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Timesplitter14232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

Devolver Digital is famously blunt like this in their PR. This is why they're one of the best and most respected indie publishers out there. And I 100% agree with their statement

Neonridr233d ago

I mean it's not like the developer was singling any specific people out. It was more or less a blanket statement describing the entitlement and behaviors of some groups of gamers today.

CurbStompin233d ago

You mean Armchair Developers?

Eonjay233d ago

I think he means assholes. On the internet. Internet Assholes.

Neonridr233d ago

I think both apply here.. :P

SegaGamer233d ago

Sometimes the truth hurts.

AAWELLS09232d ago

Yeah being told to kill yourself is a truth that hurts. I dont believe for a second that this dev is referring to constructive criticism but the people who spew hate and say vile things.

SegaGamer232d ago

The truth i was talking about was the dev calling gamers f****** a*******

franwex233d ago

Someone's feelings got hurt? lol.
They are actually my favorite publisher as of late-stop being mean guys!

gangsta_red233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

“When you’re having a hard day and there’s a thousand people on Twitter at any time willing to agree that you’re a piece of shit, that you should stop working because you’re never going to make anything good, it’s pretty hardcore for a sensitive person.”

Maybe I'm old school, but I have no sympathy for anyone who gets their feelings hurt through social online media.

Criticism is part of any job that deals with the public, especially if it involves easy interaction with that public or a medium that gets constantly reviewed like video games/music/movies.

I know it's tough to work hard on something only to see it get shredded by some trolls but at the end of the day you're still collecting a paycheck and feeding yourself and your family while they're banging on their keyboard being mad. That should be enough to turn that frown upside down.

TitaniumExposed_VIP233d ago

There is a huge difference between constructive criticism and being an asshole though, i have done plenty of the former and have no regrets.

gangsta_red233d ago

"There is a huge difference between constructive criticism and being an asshole though,'

I agree, but imo having a bunch of nameless folks on the internet affect your personal mental well being just sounds like such a non issue that could be easily solved by just ignoring it or not even having a social media presence.

I get that everyone is different and not everyone is the hard alpha GI Joe male i am but still it seems like such an epidemic nowadays.

Neonridr233d ago

@gangsta_red - There is such a thing as cyber-bullying. And many people are affected by those sorts of terrible things people say online. Just because you can't see their faces doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't hurt to read or hear.

meka2611233d ago

Oh screw that. Its called words, people need to sack up. Whatever happened to stick and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Problem is that nowadays with facebook everyone is used to everyone kissing their butt, that's not the way the world works. And you'll never ever stop people from being assholes and you shouldn't want to, because that is subjective and can apply to things you don't like. And I was teased endlessly in school and still think this is dumb.

KwietStorm233d ago

I see people all the time who down play social media's significance, like it has no effect on anything. Got nothing to do with being old school. Social media is simply a catalyst. It's both a great tool to connect without others, and it's an easy way for people to be jackasses on the internet. There's a lot of vile and immature people in this world who say things to other people either without thinking or without caring, and it sure as hell ain't criticism. People just seem to lose all etiquette and sensibilities when they're on the internet, and that's why there's so much "criticism" over things they don't even understand how to make work, but because it's easier to complain about it and go on the offensive, they do that instead.

Gh05t232d ago

I dont think anyone is downplaying its significance but the fact of the matter is you dont need social media.

People choose to be on social media and with that choice comes the knowledge that peoples parents raised a bunch of assholes and they are their too. If you dont want to participate then dont. It is simple, just unplug. Social media is a waste of energy and I prefer to waste my time on things I enjoy (like videogames), if people are talking shit about you all day why do you go back?

This just sounds like a person who is sensitive but refuses to change based on his needs and wants everyone else in the world to be different. People are assholes, that is proven everyday if you cant take it then stop interacting with them more often then is required to live.

Delete Facebook, delete twitter, delete Instagram... its not that hard, I'm sure you have an email address and a phone number, if someone wants to know how you are doing they will call or write. If they dont maybe they really didnt care about you anyways.

Eonjay233d ago

I don't see how you have to be a sensitive person to call something for what it is. It is ignorant to see assholes and not be like 'oh look its a bunch of asshole keyboard warriors.' Its like dealing with racism. You don't have to let random racism affect you, but you sure as hell better be able to recognize it. The idea for example that people can harass you with bigotry, but you can't even call it out is nonsense. There is this effort to get people to only respect the free speech of assholes and that everyone else is too sensitive. Thats bull. Everyone gets to speak their mind and that includes people who are being harassed.

OB1Biker232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

I totally agree.
What I dont get is why people feel so much entitled as to insult, harass etc for a video game. I cant think of anything else people would react that way because unhappy about a product they may not have even bought. There is a real attitude problem nowadays IMO

Rachel_Alucard232d ago (Edited 232d ago )


Theres many other things out there where creators receive death threats for things. But the difference is these things are typically not done through a public social media post or are just less populated so theres not as much room for idiots to join in. A lot of book Authors get the same things like death threats but it gets sent to their personal e-mail where its deleted and forgotten. With video games its millions of little kids not mature enough to understand acceptable etiquette and fly all their rage at others. Books dont attract that many kids.

bluefox755233d ago

Agreed. People are way too sensitive.

rainslacker232d ago

Sometimes it's hard to ignore it when it really gets going. It can wear you down.

If someone gets too wrapped up in it though, then it can actually cause them problems, and they should work on maybe setting different priorities.

There are always going to be a**holes, and someone who deals with a product that will come under public scrutiny needs to learn that these people aren't those you need to take personally. They really have no personal stake in one's life, nor would any action the person being attacked affect those people personally. If it does, then those people are mentally unstable, and shouldn't be the concern of the developer.

It's a hard lesson to learn for some, because some people take what everyone says too much to heart. I've been guilty of this myself from time to time.

I can understand people lashing out against it though, because as I said, it does wear you down.

gangsta_red232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

I thought I was a leo?

Thunder_G0d_Bane232d ago

What you’re missing tho about collecting a pay check is how trolls can affect your pay by downplaying your hard work.

So that frown can’t be turned upside down if your income is being affected by the people ripping your game apart. Loss of sales loss of everything.

gangsta_red232d ago

I seriously doubt there has been a case where trolls affected a person's income by downplaying that person's work.

A person's work shouldn't be judged by any other person but their superior, not Johnny420 on Twitter.

Studios, businesses close down for a number of reasons, but I have never heard of them shutting down or people loosing jobs because someone said bad things on the internet.

It's usually because they made a bad game, collectively.

People are assholes, and they can especially be one over the internet. Businesses realize this and so should the people who work in it.

Hopefully things will change.

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