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In Hidden Dragon: Legend, Lu finds himself in a puddle of blood, laying half-dead with bodies strewn about everywhere. He doesn’t know where he is or what happened. He drags himself up, and makes it outside. Once he’s out there, he finds enemy martial artists who are trying to stop him. He successfully fights them off, and passes out soon thereafter. A kind woman and her father take him in so that he can recuperate. Unfortunately, not too long after this, members of the same martial arts clan show up and kill the people who showed him such kindness. At this point, he promises to take revenge and to figure out why these people want him so badly.

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Alexious231d ago

We need more martial arts based games!

Rangerman1208231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

Yeah but they need to be better. Like I said in my comment, the game is very average at best, and for good reasons why. Read the other reviews for more insights.

While it is not terrible, I will only recommend it when it's on sale, maybe when it's $10 or less. I played it, I platinum'd it, and deleted it afterwards, since there isn't a lot of replayability. If you want a polished action platformer, I recommend Icey.

136d ago
Rangerman1208231d ago

I agree that it looks nice but mostly on the backgrounds. When it comes to the cutscenes, the quality is on par with PS2 games. Can't help but think that this game focused a bit too much on style over substance.

Rangerman1208231d ago

Meh. I found the game to be pretty mediocre. Platforming can be unresponsive at times, animations are stiff (especially during cutscenes), bosses ranges from tedious to easy, story was forgettable, voice acting is god awful, QTEs were pointless, and the soundtrack is sub-par at best.

The only things I liked from the game were the backgrounds and the combos. But other than that, is a pretty forgettable inoffensive game.

Joshua13231d ago

I played the game and I think the reviewer was a bit too positive towards the game. The game is all style but no substance. I like how the combos were animated but once you realize how the Ai works, some of the combos are pretty useless. I completed my entire playthrough using nothing but downward and upward attacks. The only times I used combos were in bosses.

I also found the story to be pretty generic, along with the characters. I loved the aesthetics though. I just wished they were used in a more polished game. As an Oasis Games title, the game isn't *offensively* bad but it could have been much better. But hey at least it isn't another generic VR rail shooter or a room escape game with light horror elements like Oasis Games' previous titles.