Xbox Game Pass: State of Decay 2, Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, Overcooked, and More Coming in May

Hello, fellow gamers! Welcome to your May Xbox Game Pass update.
We’re incredibly excited to bring State of Decay 2 to Xbox Game Pass members on May 22, the same day as its global release, as we continue to build our commitment to deliver the ultimate gaming membership for our fans. We’re also thrilled to announce the futuristic sports game Laser League will be making its debut on Xbox Game Pass the same day it launches in the Microsoft Store on May 10. But wait, there’s more!

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Xavi4K115d ago

Here is a list of the games coming on may to Xbox Gamepass to save you a click:

State of Decay 2
Pro Evolution Soccer 2018
Laser League
The Escapists
Homefront: The Revolution
Unmechanical: Extended
Sonic & Knuckles

darthv72115d ago

Thanks but usually you would only do that with sites that make you click through page after page after page. this is already all on one page.

Or you just dont want people to give the official xbox site a click?

lxeasy115d ago

I'm hyped for State of Decay 2

NXFather115d ago

I am grateful this was done but, yeah hopefully your suggestion was not the reasoning.

Xavi4K115d ago

Nope not really but there are big article in there and some people just want to know what games are there. It got nothing to do with microsoft gettings others click nor I beleive they need lil clicks anyway.

Obscure_Observer115d ago


"I'm hyped for State of Decay 2"

Hell yeah! Me too!

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mark_parch114d ago

been excited for state of decay 2 since it goy announced and it's nearly here . co-op is going to be epic

GamesMaster1982115d ago

Might check out Stae Of Decay 2 on gamepasson PC as i have a free month to use, That's depending on reviews.

Obscure_Observer115d ago


"Might check out Stae Of Decay 2 on gamepasson PC as i have a free month to use, That's depending on reviews."

Now we know how you gauge "quality games".

gangsta_red115d ago

Will definitely try State of Decay 2

Dno115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

I do not understand why there isn’t even one forza on game pass. Not even the first one from 2013 on Xbox one.

Xavi4K115d ago

It’s probably coming in later dates I beleive I read somewhere that at one point all microsoft studio’s games will be on game pass including old games/360 games.

mark_parch114d ago

if they announced all Microsoft games will be on game
pass that would be great. halo reach alone would be amazing

Obscure_Observer115d ago


Strange indeed. Specially when people are expecting the all new Forza Horizon 4 to avaliable day one on Game Pass.

bluefox755115d ago

Glad I didn't waste me game pass trial on Sea of Thieves, wouldn't mind checking out State of Decay 2.

Moe-Gunz115d ago

Go ahead and rub it in :(

Tankbusta40115d ago

I made the same mistake you did Moe!

--Onilink--115d ago

the first month is only $1 anyway. Could have checked out both

Obscure_Observer115d ago


I´m expecting a lot of PS fans doing the exact same thing as you.

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