God of War's First Boss Fight Is Goddamn Incredible

The opening boss fight is the perfect way to let gamers know that God of War is still as jaw-dropping as it once was.

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DarkVoyager56d ago

After the first punch I knew it wasn’t going to be easy! Lol

mandf56d ago

Anyone that talks to kratoss like that has to be crazy and tiough

81BX56d ago

Lol I didn't think any other fight would top beating zues' s face in.... I was sooo wrong!

KickSpinFilter56d ago

That first punch shocked the hell out of me.

Teflon0255d ago

Right!? The Zeus fight was amazing at that point where you were just non stop beating the hell outta him. But this fight was amazing and I definitely like it better than that one lol

mikeslemonade55d ago

This boss battle is overrated. I really didn't think much of it. It's an okay boss with good cinematics, that's it.

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Xb1ps456d ago

What I found incredible, and I’m surprised no one really talks about it, is we have a world to explore! It’s not just a story... I’m loving this direction, kind of miss the huge boss fights though... and I don’t care what any one thinks! The game could use more qte god of war always got them right and it felt like they held back because for some reason many ppl find qte unexceptable..

Teflon0255d ago

I found mashing just to open chests quite annoying. I think QTE to get instant kills and to beat each part of a boss is fine but some of the other stuff was extremely annoying.

morganfell55d ago

I love this part of the exploration. Seeing something and trying to figure out how and when I am going to get to it. And beating some of the rune riddle chests by accident (recalled ax) had me grinning over how well they put the game together.

Xb1ps455d ago (Edited 55d ago )


Yea the button mashing for chest was annoying do I don't miss that but I did not mind the qte on boss fights, made me feel more apart of the fight instead of just watching it. And yes I know it still has some qte on boss fights but at some points it felt like missed oppertunity

meka261156d ago

Hell yea. The thing for me that makes it great is the desructible environment, really makes you feel the power of the hits. More games need that.

ClayRules201256d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Epic. Incredible. Intense. Jaw dropping.

And I haven’t even come across another boss fight. Minus those troll giants. I’ve been busy with work and haven’t gotten to play much. I can’t imagine what the other boss fights are like =)

StormSnooper56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Same here. I’m loving it though.

ClayRules201256d ago

I’m so glad your loving it. I genuinely have the same feeling I got when I played TLoU. That special to me.

Der_Kommandant56d ago

One boss fight later in the game already topped it. What a game.

ClayRules201255d ago

That’s great to hear. Makes me even more excited =)

Heelix56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

It was crazy and so early in the game too.

from the intro to the outro of the boss

just chaos :)