Amanita Design – The Adorable Side of Puzzle Games

Sallvation - I’m not really much for puzzle games, mostly because I’m too stupid for them … well okay, that is the way I summarize the situation, but in most cases I’m either too lazy to think or I get stuck and get irritated really fast and when I’m annoyed I’m very prone to just opening a walkthrough and cheating. No regrets. Well, despite that, I still enjoy a good puzzle here and there, especially when I’m “in the mood” to actually solve it by myself, despite the lack of patience, be it in this specific genre of games or in another one, subtly sneaking inside, trying to lure you in.

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Venox2008228d ago

i love their much passion puted inside.. I dont play most point and click games anymore but come back to these much charm and gameplay is solid..especially Machinarium and Botanicula..still need to try Chuchel one day