Nintendo, S curves and S ranks: The Gaming World's Innovating Elite

Nintendo are the big innovators, aren't they? In the past, present and future, Nintendo drive the S curve and they create the new ones. Jump Dash Roll explore what innovation is, and why Nintendo are the gaming world's elite, always striving for that S rank.

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SuperSonic91231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

Miyamoto said they made the Wii as "a safe bet" after two generations of disappointing power for power battle with PlayStation.

He said if ever they would fail again withe Wii at least they wont lose as big as they did with the Gamecube.

Marketinv the Wii as a weight loss machine is not innovation.
Or copying the Aikun Morphus 300 is not innovation.
Running away with Argonaut Software's 3D codes for Starfox and Mario 64 is not innovation.
How is cooying a PS3 game like Sideways for use in a Link Between Worlds and Suoer Mario Odyssey innovation?