Who is The Stranger In God Of War And What Are His Motivations?

From PlayStation Universe: "The first major action in God of War arrives pretty early on, as Kratos and Atreus’ peace is interrupted by the appearance of a rather unpleasant stranger. But who is The Stranger in God of War?"

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TheGamez100230d ago

Well i mean you can just look up a norse god that doesnt feel pain.

stokedAF230d ago

Baldur was supposed to be a character that everyone loved. I know they chose him for his invulnerability but the characteristics don’t match up. I was kinda disappointed at first but I ended up liking the character even though SSMs Baldur doesn’t match the Norse myths. I’m really not liking the ending revelations but hopefully their version can win me over like Baldur did.

Fist4achin230d ago

Thats just it, hes a stranger and his motivations are strange things.

Havent played it yet, but i will soon.

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