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Some gamers decide a BATTLETECH is not a good game because of gender options. Really?

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Gh05t232d ago

"To put it in the most vulgar way, what is between your legs does not define who you are, you choose to define who you are."

See that right there is where cognative dissanance plays it's role. You have the FACTS (what is between your legs, or really what cromozones your DNA have) and then you have people feelings. I like to live life by the facts. A racist can identify as a none racist but if the facts say otherwise... A scitzophrenic can identify as normal but if facts say otherwise.

Sex and Gender are only different because people's feelings got hurt and political correctness forced a splitting of the two words, if you don't believe this then go pull a dictionary from the year 2000 and look under synonymous section for gender and you will find "sex" why because they are the same thing and only removed because people started "identifing" themselves as whatever they wanted and mad when people said gender and sexuality ARE the same thing.

Does any of this matter, on a day to day basis nope, who cares how someone else identifies. On an overall basis when you are trying to have a discussion and you get called out for being phobic or bigoted even though you hold the science and facts because you are hurting feeling then YES it's a very big deal and a very big problem.

Should this matter in a video game? Well if you don't support people who don't support the facts it might. Lots of people down vote games for other personal feelings like the dev making a statement on their Twitter account that people don't like and all the sudden the game they made is bad... Welcome to 2018 get used to this it's not going to get better for a long time.

bigmalky232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

Gender neutrality is a myth, made up by attention seekers so they can be offended or play the victim at any given moment.

Funny how very few developers allow people to create haemaphrodite characters, which is scientifically possible, but cater to this new fad that is just for people who want to abuse the benefits of being male or female depending on their mood on any particular day.

Transgender even identify themselves as male or female exclusively, and tend to stick to that.

Its a total farce and based on fantasy, not fact.

Lamboomington232d ago

"Gender neutrality is a myth, made up by attention seekers so they can be offended or play the victim at any given moment. "

That doesn't really make sense though. Gender is just a word that pertains to characteristics associated with sex. Saying that it's a 'myth' doesn't really mean much. Seems like semantics more than anything.

It's not a 'myth'. It's people changing the definition of a word to include more people etc etc. If you don't like that because of it's effect on the language and practical use, fine. But it's not a 'myth', as if it were some scientifically refuted thing. It's not like they are claiming something that is biologically untrue. This whole thing has only to do with semantics.

The argument here is about gender, not sex.

bigmalky232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

Gender was always the definition of sex not so long ago.

Doctors in maternity would ask the nurse to document a newborn child's gender at the birth... Did the nurse ask if it was to assume the gender based on the child's feelings at that moment?

No... Because whatever you choose to believe, gender = sex in factual definition. The physical appearance and traits of a living creature.

Choosing your gender by skewing it's definition is as fantastical as calling your cat a dog.

It's all guff.

ccgr232d ago

I think it's silly, but still a good game regardless

gamer7804232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

the game is offensive because ONLY offers a gender neutral character, I personally identify as a Felis silvestris, and they refused to give me an option. This is why I currently play FFXIV, they have some options to make me feel more like myself.................

atomaweapon232d ago

I literally tried it last night and was admittedly turned off by it. You can create an avatar for some reason but all the characters were hideous, androgynous looking with no sexuality. I created the closest thing I could to a hot female, and scrolled past the "they" gender and started the game.

It was a little too low budget looking for me, combat seemed solid but I ended up returning it. The options at the beginning were harmless.

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