Boss Battles or no Boss Battles, that is the question…

Boss battles have been around since the dawn of time. Whilst man was just learning to spark that historic first flame, Doom guy was wielding a big fudging gun to eviscerate a Cyberdemon.

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Cobra951231d ago

"I just don’t know why a final boss needs to become an impenetrable fortress of invincibility."

I don't either. Bosses are choke points in the flow of a game. I'm not a big fan, but I concede that properly designed boss fights can be quite entertaining, in an adrenaline-junkie way.

TheOttomatic91231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

It depends really well designed boss fights are some of my favourite moments in gaming. On the other hand forces boss fights with no substance are some of my worst moments in gaming.

As long as the dev puts in actual effort into boss fights it will be an enjoyable experience for everyone.

isarai231d ago

Really depends, i think every game would dabble in them to see what they can do, but listen o feedback and if people say it sucks then either step your game up or cut them from the next game. Best example i can think of is the Arkham Series, Rocksteady is an amazing studio, but they suck at boss fights, like really bad, yet for some reason they kept trying to cram them in the game. Arkham origins by WB montreal however had some of the best bossfights i had played in years, i always think back the that deathstroke fight when the topic of bossfights come up.

It's just immensely satisfying when you gain new skills and refine them, then comes a moment where that all gets put to the test. you're grabbing from all your newfound resources and knowledge and drudging your way through an epic battle adapting as your enemy does. with several eureka moments of finding out what technique or tool is needed for the immediate situation. And when that's all finished and your standing as the victor? there's not much better than that in video games