Valve Has A Serious Curation Problem, And It Could Ruin Steam For Everyone

Valve has been struggling with content curation for years, but its starting to reach a point where making games on PC is becoming an unsustainable business for small developers.

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JunMei148d ago

They really gotta' get their stuff together. Have a person actually try out software before allowing a release.

maybelovehate148d ago

It's not really on Steam to promote your game initially. Developers have plenty of ways to promote their games and get attention. If the game is good and you do enough self promotion user reviews will move it up the lists on steam so it gets noticed.

isarai148d ago

This isn't about games being recognized, it's about the absolute trash that finds it's way on the store cluttering up the market with tons of garbage that really just makes it impossible to freely browse the store. there's literally a paid "Game" on steam that is literally just an empty folder, i think that's a pretty big red flag that there's something wrong with the moderation for the marketplace

gamerzero148d ago

I agree that it has a curation problem but I disagree that it will ruin Steam. The thing is, part of what makes PC so great is it's openness. It's unfortunate that great games get lost but at the same time one persons trash can be another persons treasure.

Cobra951148d ago

I'll let Jim Sterling take the podium here, because I've yet to see a better rant on the huge mess that is Steam right now (**WARNING**: NSFW language):

isarai148d ago

Sony's running into the same problem, how the hell it KEEPS happening i don't know, but i fear the future of having to claw through 90% crap to gamble on something that MIGHT be good