Xenoblade Chronicles 2's updates make the game feel more manageable

The five month anniversary of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is around the corner! One of the Nintendo Switch’s first RPGs has settled into the system. A lot has happened, with plenty of patches adding new content and fixing what is broken. Three major add-ons are planned for 2018, bringing new rare blades, a challenge mode and additional story content. Before all that arrives, let’s go ahead and go over the state of the game. After all, everything that has happened so far has worked to make the adventure more enjoyable, less trying and easier to return to at a later date.

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PhoenixUp234d ago

Five month anniversaries are a thing?

kevnb233d ago

i thought it was mostly a high school dating thing.

kevnb233d ago

I actually find it nice that the map doesnt tell you exactly where to go, but I wish they could provide 5.1 audio when docked.

Shiken233d ago

I agree with this. The only problem I ran into was when the marker was on a different elevation on the map than the rest of it, and I wasted hours trying to figure out how to get to said elevation.

For example an objective on the NW side of the map is only accessible through the most southern point of the titan? I mean they could have at least given some direction in the quest description lol.

Still love the game to death though.

deafdani233d ago

Shit, I've had this game since launch and still haven't played it, I got sidetracked with other stuff.

Funny, because I loved the original Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade X. I should get on with 2.