God of War could end up being Sony’s highest selling exclusive

God of War continues to make serious waves in the video game industry as being a close to perfect title. It could easily end up being Sony’s highest-selling exclusive title once all is said and done.

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DarkVoyager232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

It’s between God of War, Spider-Man, or The Last of Us: Part 2.

Take your pick.

NewMonday232d ago

if it sells 10 million then that is about $500 million (Sony's cut is $48 from retail sales and the full $60 from digital sales), it could be more profitable than Spider-Man movies for Sony(because they share box offence revenue).

badz149231d ago

I don't think you got the part about Spiderman movies right. Sony gets all the Box Office money from Homecoming and Marvel/Disney gets revenues from other sources such as merchandizing.

Ceaser9857361231d ago

I see this game selling more than 10 mil copies

DivineAssault 232d ago

The game is amazing.. Fantastic SP exclusive thats rare to get these days..

PhoenixUp232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

Sony’s highest selling title is Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec at 14.89 million.

It’d be amazing to see if Uncharted 4 or God of War 4 could top that.

PEEPer231d ago

TLoU2 has the most chance on a 100 million userbase somewhere in 2019.

Ceaser9857361231d ago

UC4 got to 10 mil i guess and i dont think it will reach 15 mil GOW can do it , it should cross 10 mil for sure

FallenAngel1984232d ago

“”I think 10 million units sounds like a low bar for it, actually. Last that Sony announced, there were 70 million PS4s out there, so 10 sounds really reasonable. I’d say realistically, it could do as many as 20 million.”

Slow down there Pachter. 20 million sounds unreasonable. Idk if even Super Mario Odyssey & The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will cross the 20 million mark and those games will ultimately sell more than God of War 4. I don’t even know if Uncharted 4, Horizon: Zero Dawn, or The Last of Us: Part II will surpass 20 million. PS2 is the most successful platform of all time at 157 million yet Sony’s best selling title on it, GT3, capped off at 14.89 million.

“20 million copies sold isn’t too far off since word of mouth would undoubtedly help God of War achieve such record-setting goals.”

You too author? 20 million isn’t some goal a game can easily achieve through mere word of mouth even if it’s extremely great word of mouth. God of War 4 will sell extremely well no doubt, but most certainly not that well.

solideagle231d ago

I fully agree with you. past God of wars have sold more than 5 million but not 10 millions with 100+ million consoles. I would like it to sell at least 10 million as horizon did 7 million...will see

notachance231d ago

yeah that's the problem with single player, each copy is used by multiple people, me and 4 other friends are currently waiting turns playing GoW for example... not to mention it doesn't have the longevity MP games offer, most will only play it once even if it's a masterpiece.

that's why the likes of EA, Activision, and MS are jerking to MP games hard, one copy per person.. who doesn't like that?

Ceaser9857361231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

"that's why the likes of EA, Activision, and MS are jerking to MP games hard, one copy per person.. who doesn't like that?"

Most do like it prolly but when its me i dont like it I dont play all the MPs, i tried with D2 and invested over 100 hours and got bored SP games i can take my time and play and then again revisit them For a person like me i not MP centric, i do play those i find interest in but i dont keep on playing them for years , next online i will play will be Red dead redemption 2

hongthay231d ago

That's exactly why they push MP so hard, but many of those MP games start off so poorly. As a gamer, I don't like that, so I will put my money where my mouth is and get my own copy of God of War.

If you don't like the MP for everything trend, then you should at least get a copy of God of War for yourself later when it is cheaper. It's sad that everyone can complain about MP, but when it comes to actually spending our money to show what we want, then gamers don't.

OffRoadKing231d ago

Can't wait to see those April NPD numbers

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