God of War shows the divide between Microsoft and Sony

God of War does more than bring the series into the current console generation, it highlights the divide between Sony and Microsoft and what they’re doing to provide the best games possible for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players.

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NewMonday83d ago

it's a whole bunch of games not just one

take a moment and imagine if MS..

they got BioWare instead of EA and gave them creative freedom (like Sony do) with Mass Effect and Jade Empire
they got Bungie and let them evolve Halo like how GOW evolved
they make Obsidian co-devlop Fable
let RARE evolve Kameo

XBox would have carried over the 360's success at least, but MS had to put sales and marketing excs as heads of the XBox who have no passion for games and would never get it.

darthv7283d ago

Having a passion for games certainly has it's advantage when it comes to running a gaming division of a company. Hopefully they get some people that can rekindle that spirit they had with the 360. Not the later years of 360 but the early years when you could see they had determination in their eyes to make the deals and deliver the games.

UltraNova83d ago

It must suck to get down voted when you write such a logical and unbiased comment doesn't it? Well I agree for a change(+1).

mikeslemonade83d ago

It actually wouldn’t matter if Microsoft first party did that. Because the most important is exclusives. If you can get those game on PC as well your gonna be losing install base market share. Most pc gamers will not buy a Xbox because of that fact.

nix83d ago

it's all over for Xbox. Everyone knows. Fanboys knows. Regular gamers knows. MS knows. they're just dragging this dead horse now. MS coming out with 4 new games is not going to be enough. they'll probably have to buy EA, make sure the next Rockstar game is exclusive to them... basically burn lots of money.

Sayai jin82d ago

Agreed, but Bungie was tired of halo and wanted to make Destiny.

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PhoenixUp83d ago

We’ve seen the divide in how Sony and Microsoft operate in the industry ever since Xbox launched in 2001.

This game doesn’t tell us anything we didn’t know prior.

Shiken83d ago

I know right? It became apparent when Bloodborne dropped, then Uncharted 4, then Horizon Zero Dawn, and now God of War.

And those are just some of the best exclusives. That does not even scratch the other more niche games like Persona 5, Nioh, Nier A, etc

AspiringProGenji83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

A great example of why I am supporting Sony from the beginning of the gen and why I pulled the plug on xbox

SuperSonic9183d ago

God of War shows the divide between Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony.
Only Sony takes the big responsibilty of making video games on par or even better than other entertainment industries.

solideagle82d ago

I would say Nintendo deserves this as well I mean every Mario and Zelda game is critically acclaim which is not easy task. I know Mario and Zelda name alone sell millions but every single game to be 90+ Meta is very very impressive...

FallenAngel198483d ago

“God of War is a prime example of a risk that Sony took by funding it. The series provided a satisfactory ending with God of War 3, but was still spun out for a further two titles even though gamers had grown weary of Kratos, the unlikeable protagonist who’s answer to everything was to murder it gruesomely.“

Keep your opinions to yourself. Many people love Kratos specifically because of how vicious and visceral he is. Just because you’re not fond of the exceptional Ghost of Sparta & Ascension doesn’t mean everyone was.

Would a character that most people didn’t like get a character driven ad with over 10 million views?

kneon83d ago

Sure, Kratos has some anger issues, but he's fully justified in his hatred of the gods, it never made me not like him.

thornh82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

I must be a shallow meat head but I consider Kratos one of the greatest video game characters of all time. What SSM has done with the new iteration has propelled him to Legendary status.

And, I never understood why Ascension got such a bad rap. I enjoyed it as much as any of the other games.

WelkinCole82d ago

It at the very least had the best gameplay of the series up to last gen.

Inzo83d ago

Its not just AAA games that Sony are heavily investing in but also their niche titles, TLG was a risk for Sony that paid off tremendously and Yakuza just had its biggest release ever not to mention their strategy to bring us the golden oldies back via remake.

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