Could Forza Horizon 4 be set in the UK?

It would certainly be an interesting choice of location for an open-world racing game. The UK has a diverse car culture and some incredible driving roads, not to mention a plethora of iconic race tracks. Developer Playground Games is also based in Leamington Spa in the UK, so the team would have easy access to locations for research photos and videos.

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PUBG_GBUP59d ago

I'd bet on Japan but UK is likely.

Killlacrusade59d ago

I'd rather have Japan then UK >.<

PUBG_GBUP59d ago

Yeah we don't need 2 games in a row where you drive on the wrong side of the road.

dumahim58d ago

I've got some bad news for you.

Legatus58d ago

My one and only beautiful fatherland.
Croatia is love, Croatia is life.

Yi-Long59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

That would make it the 4th 'Western'/white
location in a row.

Would be terribly disappointed if it's not set in Japan. Even more so if it's set in the UK instead of a more exotic/interesting/original location. Absolutely zero interest in a UK based Forza game.

Gunstar7559d ago

What's a "white" location?

porkChop59d ago

I didn't realize skin colour had any meaning in a racing game. I don't care if the next game is in Canada, UK, South Africa, Japan, Mexico, etc. I just want the game to be good. As long as the setting is cool and fun, I don't care where it is.

Yi-Long59d ago

Well, Horizon 1 was set in North America. Which was kinda understable, being a beautiful country. South of Europe for 2 I could also understand.

Australia already seemed a bit farfetched for my liking, and now choosing the UK as a location would simply be an insult, when there are so many far more gorgeous, interesting and varied locations available to pick from.

Apparently somehow these developers don't consider Africa, Asia, South-America, etc, as interesting locations for their racing game.

Fact is, if this is set in the (boring) UK, it will be the 4th game set in a location considered to be part of the 'Western' (white) world.

It just seems a bit strange when there are so many better locations to pick from. Vietnam, Japan, China, Argentina, Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia, Hong Kong, whatever.

PUBG_GBUP59d ago

I can't believe those racist jackwagons at playground games would pick 3 "whites only" countries in a row.


I now hope this game is set in Canada just to spite your ridiculous opinion.

JackBNimble59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Just because you are not white doesn't make racism anymore acceptable.

And North America is not a country, its a continent.

Yi-Long59d ago

Actually, I am white.

And no, it doesn't have to be set in countries I like. I would prefer games like this to be set in locations that are varied and interesting to race in. The UK simply isn't, compared to countless other locations, far more suited and gorgeous.

Like I said, they could have used Brazil, or Scandinavia, or Indonesia, or whatever. Countries where you'll find huge forests, mountains, dirt tracks, interesting towns and cities, etc.

I'm sure there will be gamers out the who will defend the choice for the UK as a setting. But it's NOT a beautiful country, it doesn't seem suitable/interesting as a location for a racing game, and compared to the earlier rumoured location, which was Japan, the UK just sucks in comparison.

Kiwi6659d ago

So what your saying is that the series should only be set in countries that you like instead of just enjoying the game no matter what country it's set in

PUBG_GBUP58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

How much racial diversity can you expect someone to shove into a game that's about driving cars and you basically never see people or know the skin color of the other drivers?

Maybe along with the name of the drivers hovering over the cars they could include their racial profile. "Black Man xXmountaindewfanXx" or "Southeast Asian Girl HenloKitteh" or "Homosexual Teenager Keith"

Yi-Long58d ago

I didn't ask for 'racial diversity' in a racing game about cars. I said the developers seem to only be interested in locations mainly occupied by white people, perhaps because they think that's where their market-share is, and thus their market's interest, or perhaps it's because when those developers have to visit a country to do research, they find it easier to go to a place where they feel 'at home'. I don't know.

I just said I would have liked some more exotic and original locations, ones we rarely see in games, let alone racing games, and where the environment and tracks we'll be racing through are visually interesting and diverse. So I want mountains, tunnels, lush forests, beaches, little towns, interesting cities, temples, nice dips and curves and different types of roads, and lots of bridges, etc etc.

From the hundreds of locations around the world, if they feel the UK is among the most interesting places to race around in, after the already 'meh' choice for Australia, I just shrug my shoulders, and turn away, bitterly disappointed.

The rumour about it being set in Japan had almost the whole gaming community (those interested in this game/series) excited about that choice. The news about this being possibly set in Japan not so much.

Gunstar7556d ago (Edited 56d ago )

The UK isnt a boring location you mef! Driving g through the Highlands of Scotland, through London or along the coastline of the westcountry???

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BizarroUltraman59d ago

UK would be sweet. Whitehall Straights por of my favorite tracks in PGR.

TheCommentator58d ago

Soon as I heard UK I thought of PGR, but I really liked Trafalgar Square as well. Hell, PGR was just awesome in general.

BizarroUltraman58d ago

Hopefully MS brings it back at some point.

Yi-Long58d ago

PGR and Metropolis Street Racing were awesome. Classics in the genre, each and every one of them. A shame the series has been cancelled, Still hoping for them to make a comeback, even if only through BC, for XBO (X)

DaFeelz59d ago

Hope not. I want Japan. The night racing would be awesome

Yi-Long58d ago

The night racing would be awesome. The mountain racing would be awesome. The city-racing would be awesome. The racing in the remote areas would be awesome. The racing in the snowy areas would be awesome. The racing in the tropical southern areas would be awesome. The soundtrack would be awesome. The pop-culture references would be awesome. The car-mods would be awesome. The potential DLC could be absolutely awesome (so many possibilities, like Initial D story-DLC, or going crazy with a futuristic re-skin of the whole map, or going back in time with a 70's/80's map, or throwing in huge mechas, etc etc).

Japan would have been the absolute perfect choice, as far as I'm concerned.

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