Bayonetta Creator on Platinumgames and His Jealousy of Indie Game Makers

Inaba, best known to gamers for his work at Capcom’s Clover Studio, where he created truly original action games like “Viewtiful Joe,” “Okami” and “God Hand,” took some time to talk about his studio’s philosophy, why he’s jealous of indie game makers, and how his visit to King’s Landing (known in the real world as Dubrovnik, Croatia) could impact him creatively.

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Moonman235d ago

Nice. Bring back Viewtiful Joe in some form whether remastered or new. Also, MadWorld was solid (81 metacritic) and I wouldn't mind a sequel!

"But the studio behind “Vanquish,” “MadWorld,” “Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance,” and “NieR:Automata” also has two entirely new IP in development."

Yay! haha

PhoenixUp235d ago

You should be asking Capcom to remasters Viewtiful Joe, not PlatinumGames

isarai234d ago (Edited 234d ago )

Just give me a spiritual successor to GODHAND!!!