10 Games Like God of War If You're Looking for Something Similar

Twinfinite writes "God of War recently came out to rave reviews, but here are some other games that are similar to it if that's what you're after."

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Cyborgg230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

Sorry but Hellblade is not open world like God of War or have way more diverse enemies. God of War also have RPG elements and optional bosses.

alexgibson230d ago

"like" God of War, not "10 Games that are in every way extremely similar to all aspects of God of War's design".

VenomUK230d ago

No 1 on the list: Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice.

Cyborgg230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

Fair enough. I feel liked GOW is more similar to Bloodborne and the last of us. God of War has way more depth in the gameplay than Hellblade. Don't get me wrong I loved Hellblade but they're different to me. The third person view is only similar

Gardenia230d ago

When I played GoW for the first few hours it really looked a lot like Hellblade in some places. And also a little bit of a Soul Reaver vibe

Eidolon230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

The dark grittyness is the same in some areas, Hellblade was more bland of colors(not saying it's bad), They're also tight over the shoulder, have parry/slash/block/dodge, and are Norse mythology.

StrangerX230d ago

The gameplay is very similar to Darksiders although with the close camera viewing like Rise:SOR

mandingo230d ago

god of war is not open world

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Christopher230d ago

Stretching the heck out of the term 'like' here. Adding in shooters with no RPG mechanics? Even a bad game like Bound By Flame is more appropriate than those options.

StrangerX230d ago

Actually GoW takes heaviy from Darksiders in gameplay, combos, looting, Upgrading, changing garments or armor, blowing up stuff with a specific item. JuSt like metroid and zelda started. Except the camera angle.

SolidGear3230d ago

Bayonetta and Dante's Inferno are the shiznit

EdwardNigma561230d ago

Dante's Inferno definitely deserved a sequel. Leave it to EA to kill of a game they can't milk to death.

SolidGear3230d ago

They were supposed to make a damn sequel too. Very underrated game. Even the PSP port was good.

Elda230d ago

There isn't anything out this current gen like the new GOW but GOW.

RememberThe357230d ago

The Last of Us is the closest I can think of, regardless of gen. GoW is a special game. The new standard for narrative action.

CP_Company230d ago

how it is closest? enemies are clickers? combat is the same? or game world is the same? story is the same?

played both and both have nothing to do with each other, and feeling playing them is totally different experience.

these comparisons is totally shite, GoW is nothing like tLoU and most of the list is crap.

FernDiggidy229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

The last of us? Oh yeah because TLOU has such deep combat mechanics, RPG elements and metroid-vania style open world. Sooo so similar.

RememberThe357229d ago

Doesn't sound like either of you two have played either game. If you see GOW as a hack and slash light-RPG than you're only seeing a small part of what makes this game so good. The combination of narrative and combat in this game is unmatched, only approached by what TLOU was able to do.

StrangerX230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

Actually there is, GoW takes heavily from Darksiders although without the close up camera always, but when War or Death grab an explosive rock to throw at something they take that camera angle too. Very similar gameplay but GoW has a more interesting narrative.

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