PSN Deals: North American Golden Week Sale and Double Discounts

Pure PlayStation: There’s a new batch of discounts going live over on the North American PlayStation Store today that will tease even the cheapest of skates into parting with a few pennies.

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ZaWarudo153d ago

What a crappy sale. I bought a physical copy of Tales of Berseria last week for $20 on Amazon.

gamerzero153d ago

Yea, digital sucks. Games are almost always cheaper at retail than even when heavily discounted digitally. There are tons of games on this list that are "40+% off" that I paid far less for at retail and I actually own a disk.

raWfodog153d ago

Digital is good for me when my kids are also interested in playing the same title. I can download it on both of the PS4's so we don't have to take turns playing. Otherwise, if its only a title that I'm interested in, I'll usually get physical as well.

Skankinruby153d ago

Digital prices suck, digital games are great

indysurfn153d ago

You got down voted by the digital sellouts. That only own a game until a company stops putting it on there servers and they need to download it. OPS! These are people that CANT get any value out of something they think they OWN. They literally cant give it away!

mikeslemonade152d ago

I prefer disc but the ownership excuse is BS if you are not a collector. Once again, unless you are a collector I don’t care about your ownership excuse.

When you play the game what’s the chance you will play it again once your finish. Also expect remasters of the same game. And then wait 5 years later, the game the will be on PC through emulation.

So nobody cares if you own the game. That’s just some anal principle you wanna talk about. You don’t own the game. You own the license to play it.

Mmmkay152d ago

You can sell it for $1.60 at Gamestop though

gamerzero152d ago


Huh never play games again huh?

That's funny recently I been playing classic (S)NES games I have played hundreds of times and I played Ni No Kuni last months in anticipation of the sequel. And I keep putting off my third play through of Nier: Automata. I have also played Uncharted 4 twice and I want to play Lost Legacy again too soon. And after I played Ratchet and Clank I played the PS3 games for the 4'th or 5'th time and I played Ratchet and Clank PS4 my second time in 2017.

And let me guess you never replay games but xbox BC s the best thing ever right?

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raWfodog153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

I believe all of these are for digital titles though.

Edit: Also, I'm seeing Tales of Berseria on sale for @20.39 for digital. What's crappy about that?

gamerzero153d ago

I got it for 14$ new land I own the disk.

Cmv38153d ago

You own the disc.... fool. You still have to down load the day one patches to every game for them to work properly

gamerzero153d ago (Edited 153d ago )


That's one of the dumbest comments I have read. If you buy digital you'll have to download those too...But I can unplug my PS4 from the internet and play the game with out any downloads at all. Can you do that with digital no.

I can sell the game to resale for money, can you do that with digital? And what if one day they stop offering that game for download, will you be able to play that game, no. But I will. And don't say it'll never happen because it has, Wii Shop and Xbox Live Indie Games have both shut down and their games can no longer be downloaded and plenty of individual games have been removed from services as well.

indysurfn153d ago

Cmv38 so do you! When you download the digital you also have to download the day one patch (not seperately ) plus you cant litteraly GIVE YOUR game away .... Happy ownership .... And by the way gifting games in only when you send it to a friend you cant keep it and then gift it.!

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frostypants153d ago

More like the obscure oddball JRPG sale.

Null1980153d ago

It's a golden shower of savings! Gotta love Japanese games. :)

Goldby152d ago

Wait I thought Golden showers were associated with Russia

franwex152d ago

You're confusing golden showers with bukakes.

Null1980152d ago

Huh? I don't know what you guys are talking about. I'm talking about these in-your-face blasts of Golden Week deal goodness.

Tross153d ago

I love that we don't celebrate Golden Week here, but still get sales on Japanese games while it's on.

Matrix6153d ago

Hope to see it up tomorrow for the EU region.

frostypants153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

No deal on Yakuza 0 though. Annoying. What the hell? It's been out long enough.

Matrix6152d ago

That’s really odd, the sale is up for the EU region and it includes Yakuza 0 in the sale with 60% off.

Drakul153d ago

Wow such a horrible list :(

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