Nintendo's Switch Warning Label is Awful + Bayonetta 3 to "Raise the Bar"

"Because of needing to download a significant amount of Wolfenstein II on Switch, the game’s case suffers an eye-melting warning label. Ok, it’s not that bad, but still pretty ugly. Aside from that, Platinum Games gave us a small update on the development of Bayonetta 3." -- Nintendo Enthusiast

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Neonridr238d ago

It looks terrible on the top. At least make the covers reversible or something without that logo at the top, so we can at least switch it around or something..

TekoIie238d ago

I'm more in favour of making sure the customer is informed than people being upset that the cover isn't as nice.

I know people won't be happy about the case but it's necessary.

Neonridr237d ago

Sony managed to make the PSVR required logo small but still present on the front cover. Maybe not make it a bland ugly white bar, I dunno. It just reminds me of a cigarette package with their stupid warning across the top.

TallonIV237d ago

You'd wonder why they couldn't just put the message on the's ruining an otherwise class Wolfenstein cover art.

PhoenixUp238d ago

Switch owners beware of big games and compilations

eagle21237d ago

They could of just put a sticker on the wrapping plastic retail package. Why on the art?