SEGA Released A New Amazing House Of the Dead And You Won't Believe How Badass The Game Looks

Everybody loves zombies! Well not in real life of course but surely as enemies to fight in gorgeous video games and, if you are a nostalgic arcade fans, hold fast gamers, as SEGA has just released a new spectacular The House Of The Dead game early this year!!!

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GamesMaster198257d ago

Same here, but have a feeling it's arcade's only. I loved all the House Of The Dead's and thought overkill when i played it on PS3 and Wii was one of the funniest games ive played.

ocelot0757d ago

PS4 is all ready compatible with PS Move controllers. So I do hope they do a port.

Goldby57d ago

@ocelot and the aim controller

darthv7256d ago

Have you played HotD 4 on the PS3? It is serious fun just like the rest.

howiewowwee57d ago

when and where can i get this? i want this sooo bad.

Fist4achin57d ago

Looks pretty cool. I will have to save up some quarters to go and check this out.

calactyte57d ago

If its not VR capable for at least one player, I won't have interest.

NiteX56d ago

VR needs games like this. Rez Infinite has me wanting more.

VoiceMale57d ago

This is one of the main entertainment take away from when arcade gaming was the apex of gaming experiences.....
well done SAGA to reintroduce a well known and accepted game....would be very much appreciated if this would be made available to home consoles....

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The story is too old to be commented.