God Of War Gets Another Small Patch 1.13 For PS4

God of War has received yet another update today for the PS4. This time, unlike the last two updates, the changes aren't mentioned.

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TallonIV152d ago

These patches are getting annoying, every time I turn on the game there seems to be a patch.

Kubark152d ago

Well, you don't have to play it. No one is holding an axe to your throat.

ScootaKuH152d ago

Or recalling it with a satisfying "thwump"

ILostMyMind152d ago

If you found bugs that would stop you from playing the game, you would be complaining.

Harkins1721152d ago

You've played the game only 4 times?

ScootaKuH152d ago

But they happen in the background. It's not like you actually have to do anything is it?

Kyizen152d ago

You dont have to patch it....

Vizigoth04152d ago

Well broken games are better anyway.

EdwardNigma561152d ago

You don't have automatic updates?

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Bathyj152d ago

Yeah the game doesn't miss a beat. Just give me photomode already.

jorellpogi152d ago

I think this will fix the XP exploit.

The_Jackel152d ago

"for the ps4" gee i thought might have been for the xbox or switch version LMAO

raWfodog152d ago

Keep them coming. I'm still waiting to pick up this gem and I want it to be as close to perfection as possible when I do.

tombfan152d ago

It's already perfect to play to... the frame rate is stable as F and the gameplay is stellar, if you are a bug exploiter well, you'll still se a bit of them (I haven't encounter any)

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The story is too old to be commented.